LGD: We Dare You to Watch


The dead horse has been beaten on how there are probably a million better things to do than watch the Leafs play hockey. It seems like those takes shouldn’t have wasted before they faceoff against the Sabres with five games left. At this point we’re likely to not see any movement in the bottom five teams, no one is catching Buffalo for dead last, so if you’re watching you’re tuning in hoping for signs of players developing or you want to maximize the time you have left with Phil Kessel wearing a Leafs jersey.

The Leafs

Coming off a game last night against Tampa it seems the Leafs have the potential to be rundown in addition to their general awfulness. That should be the edge they need to lose to the one of the worst teams in the past 30 years of the NHL.

Lineups via Daily Faceoff


The Sabres

You know that team you get when you start your HUT season on NHL 15? That’s the Sabres. A couple of names you barely recognize and a collection of slow skating nobodies you can’t wait to replace. The Sabres have some real potential sprinkled into their roster and with McDavid or Eichel, another 1st, and Evander Kane in their lineup next season… they’ll still be pretty awful, but the year after that they might start being pretty good.

Lineups via Daily Faceoff


There isn’t a joke here. This is actually a roster of team that plays in the NHL. The joke is they will probably beat the Leafs tonight.

Starting Goaltenders



What to Watch For

  • Radulov, obvs.
  • A game that matches Timbits Hockey for quality, but lacks in adorability (unless James Reimer plays)
  • Somehow this game is being broadcast nationally in Canada, so enjoy the number of people complaining on twitter about having to watch this instead of the Flyers/Penguins game. (like it’s any better)
  • A strange amount of praise for Zack Sill from Sportsnet “Analysts”
  • Can the broadcast team go five minutes without bringing up the draft? My bet is no.
  • If you don’t have access to a phone or computer the Sportsnet ticker is an excellent source of sports scores.
  • Also if for some reason you’re bored while watching the game, go check out the Summary of Steve Simmons big night on twitter over at Battle of California