Leafs Postgame – The Tank Takes a Detour

Eric Brewer? Are you [expletive] kidding me?

The Toronto Maple Leafs took a pause on being horrible tonight, snapping a seven-game losing streak and downing the Ottawa Senators 4-3 in overtime. 

The Rundown

No seriously. Eric goddamn Brewer?

The first period really couldn’t have been less eventful, with Toronto and Ottawa exchanging several unexciting shots and slightly less unexciting hits. 

Things wouldn’t pick up until the second period, when the Senators would pull ahead with goals from Mark Stone and Curtis Lazar, the human emoticon. At this point, things were looking good for the Leafs’ tank efforts, with Carolina pulling away from New Jersey on their way to a 3-1 win that would see the Hurricanes push themselves six points ahead of Toronto. 

But, as per usual, Tyler Bozak would have to go ahead and ruin that. The Leafs would come out on fire in the third period, with Toronto’s much maligned top line centre scoring not once, not twice, but three times in the final frame. Regulation would end tied 3-3.

Enter Brewer, who would clinch the extra point banging a loose puck in from close range. Let’s put that into perspective… Brewer was down below the opposition hash marks in overtime, in a four-on-four situation. Because of course he was.

As a ‘big loser’ and avid supporter of the tank, I’ll allow tonight’s lunacy and gladly accept to points in the standings though. The Ottawa Senators are no longer in a playoff spot, and that’s always fun for Leafs fans.

Blue Warrior

Tyler Bozak turned a trick and both Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk enjoyed multipoint games. But really, who cares? Garrett Gamble, who signed a one-day contract with Toronto earlier today, is tonight’s Blue Warrior.

Cheers, Garrett. Everyone here at TLN hopes you and your family had a fantastic time at the ACC tonight.

Tanks Roll Again Tuesday

The Leafs will be back in action again Tuesday evening when they host Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tune in to TSN4 at 7:30 Eastern.

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  • Alex

    This was the best game from Bozak I have ever seen. 16-1 on the draws, 3 goals 2 posts and an assist. Kessel and JVR looked excellent as well. I am a fan of the tank, but this win felt very good.

  • STAN

    congrats to the young two-way #1 centre tyler bozak for scoring his first nhl hat trick and reaching 20 goals in his 6th nhl season at the ripe age of 29 years old playing with an elite 30+ goal sniper for his entire career. what an accomplishment. good job.

    please don’t win another game for the rest of the season. we have a chance to lose at least half of our remaining games against tampa, boston and montreal because we’re not losing against edmonton, buffalo and columbus (sadly).

  • STAN

    A costly two points gained by the tankers. Yep similar to the Buffalo game the leafs had the defeat in the bag only to blow it and gain useless points.

    Still like everyone else I must admit watching the Sens go into choke mode is indeed enjoyable.

    Obviously the wonder kid goalie is coming back to earth and the Sens played into the leafs hands by using Anderson who the leafs have owned for the past couple of years. Reimer meanwhile continues his winning ways against the Sens.

    It was truly a class act by leaf management for an obvious big leaf fan. Way to go M.L.S.E. and Garrett.

    • TGT23

      It’s nice to see a fan give Reims a thumbs up for a change 🙂

      I know you want the team to tank or I should say most fans, but it was great to see Reims finally get a win and to stick it to the Sens..

      As Reims he stated in his post interview at this point as a Goalie, where openings for a back-up or started are to come by than other positions on the team, Reims is playing for his job be it here or else where for pride, for family and respect and any fans that still like to watch the train derail, so to speak…

      Great game Reims, good to see the whole team wake up even if its just the one game…a win still seems good to see….and to see the team happy go lucky for a change..maybe their just thinking of the golfing season just around the bend..hahah

      • TGT23

        You realize Reimer made just 22 saves on 25 shots for an .880 Save %, which effectively lowered his season SV% to .902, right? Which is basically Enroth, Scrivens, Lindback territory…

        If you’re being honest with yourself, you should be worried for Reimer.

        We’re talking about a 27-year old goalie who has lost his starting job on his team and has now failed for two straight seasons to post Save Percentages at even a League Average clip.

        A third straight year and you might be able to see James suiting up for your local AHL affiliate.

        Reimer vs. Bernier (LOL) aside, I’m getting a bit worried about James. His career is slipping and if you are being HONEST with yourself, you’ll agree that a THIRD straight below average year would be crippling for him.

    • TGT23

      Bozak is 29

      Kadri is 24

      Bozak plays with an elite scorer and solid Top 6 winger

      Kadri plays on a line with 3rd-4th liners/AHL players

      Bozak makes 4.2 AAV

      Kadri makes 2.9 AAV

      Bozak averages 1.07 pt/60 while playing 5v5

      Kadri averages 1.77 pt/60 while playing 5v5

      How you can’t see the incredible difference between the two situations is astonishing to me.