McDavid compares himself to Bozak, sets world ablaze


Connor McDavid is either the worst appraiser of hockey talent this planet has ever seen, or some sort of comedic genius who knows exactly how to send Leafs fans over a cliff. To be honest, the latter seems more probable.

A number of draft-eligible prospects, including McDavid, recently participated in a self-evaluation as part of a questionnaire for CSS rankings, and this happened:

Connor McDavid, C, Erie Otters (OHL) – Who is the NHL player your play would most likely be compared to: “Tyler Bozak because he is a good skater and is more of a pass-first type of guy.”

You know, it’s probably not too late to just take all the Leafs’ lottery balls out of that big machine and light them on fire.

In fairness, Bozak is a pass-first type of player, because either of his linemates should always have the puck instead of him, and he’s pretty good at recognizing that. McDavid is more of a split-two-defenders-and-score-in-such-a-fashion-that-it-results-in-goalies-having-nightmares-for-weeks or a win-the-scoring-title-and-pull-an-awful-franchise-from-the-grip-of-Satan type of player. I’m not sure they’re comparable.

As you may have guessed, twitter reacted.