I’d like to start my rundown by giving some unknown kid in a yellow sweatshirt a shout-out. In a bizarre incident in the third he managed to grab a stick after Panik tossed it up and over the boards into the stands, receiving a non-penalty for misconduct for his troubles. The grin on unknown kid’s face was the highlight of the game. Literally. 

I was practically having an existential crisis imagining all the things I could have done with this 60 minutes of play – read a book, saw a movie, learned a language – when this kid reminded me what it was all about… stolen gear.

Or, you know, a love of the game or something. Mushy, mushy, yadda, yadda. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


The Leafs started the first in good fashion. There was a scuffle that halted game play for a few minutes at 14:59, resulting in roughing charges for MacWilliam and Komarov for Toronto and MacKenzie for Florida. No goals were scored by anyone in the opening period, but the Leafs matched the Panthers in shots at nine apiece. I was pleasantly surprised that they kept the puck loose and moving. Whether it’s the general shakeup in the roster or something they’re doing in practice, it appeared to be working. In theory.

The Panthers are late bloomers in a game, while it seems the Leafs might be more of a weed. Florida opened the second by scoring two goals thirty seconds apart at 4:23 and 4:53. Huberdeau flipped it over Bernier’s shoulder and into the net to score the first of the pair and the move was repeated almost exactly by Kampfer practically before they were finished showing the replay. Pirri rounded out the second with the Panther’s third goal of the night, starting the third 3-0.

It was in the beginning of the third that I just couldn’t hold on anymore, and I’m pretty sure I lost consciousness, when Carrick scored the only goal for the Leafs at 9:13. Then that thing with the stick happened at 14:59 and it seemed to confuse everybody. Play stopped, no one seemed to have much of an explanation for why Panik tossed it into the stands, even after watching the replay, and then he received the misconduct charge. No other penalty was issued, and so the call didn’t really affect play. Pirri answered Carrick at 18:24 and the game finished 4-1.


It was game with not a lot going on. So I think I’ll hand this one to, you guessed it, Panik. For his entertainment value and ability to confuse just about everyone while making a young fan’s whole night.

Where actual skill is concerned the Panthers only out-shot the Leafs by three, with total SOG 28-25. That speaks to more team unity and better playing ability than there’s been in awhile and you can’t give credit for that to just one person. So a pat on the back for everyone. 


With just seven games left the Leafs play the Senators at the ACC. Game time is 7 p.m.. but frankly I’ll be somewhere else. Anywhere else…

Oh who are we kidding? I’ll be watching the massacre from somewhere, just like you. 

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  • TGT23

    Anyone happen to notice Bailey at all?

    I didn’t watch this one so I was just curious how he looked.

    Understanding it’s only one game I’m always interested how calm or out of place young players look in their first games.

    • he looked alright. A little slow, seemed to have a few mess ups (like falling, or losing the puck) but thats pretty obviously nerves.

      You could clearly tell he wanted the puck (I don’t think he got a shot) but nobody was able to get a pass to him.

      I think once he settles in a bit more and gets a few shots it will be more clear how good he actually is.

      he kinda looked like Richard Panik did at the start of the season…

      (sam carrick looked very good, I could see him being this teams full time 4th line centre next year if he keeps this up)

    • TGT23

      i only caught some of it. i didn’t notice him at all. maybe because he barely played but believe it or not, he kind of played a role in carrick’s goal. he tied up one of the players trying to backcheck. it kind of looked like it was by accident like he was trying to get through but he bumped into the guy but that guy couldn’t get to rielly who fed carrick for his first goal. he was a +1 in his first game because he was on the ice for that goal so congrats to him. i saw that he was hungry for the puck to shoot it a few times and he was fighting for the puck against the boards in the highlight video

  • STAN


    The Coyotes won, are just 6 back with a game in hand and they get Buffalo again. Wee-heeeeeeee.

    Another OT Coyotes win would be perfect. Both teams get points.

    It’s very clear the highest paid Leafs have quit. The odour from that rotten core is obnoxious.


  • TGT23

    Thanks to both of you for the review.

    Hope the kid van be something good if not serviceable for the future.

    I’ve read suggestions he could be a Tyler Bozak type player, which don’t get me wrong I’d be okay if he turns into something comparable to Bozy…

    So long as he’s placed in the spot Bozak SHOULD be in. On the 3rd line and paid as a third liner.

    And at 6’3 he gives the team a bit of that size people are talking about. I hope he turns out good.

  • TGT23

    GO BERNIE GO!!!!!! another lost yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    What a looser…come Leafs Organization, bring on MY FAT CONTRACT, I’m worth every penny.after all its the team in front of me that sucks not me….

    yeah right….again not starter material……

    But it’s ok because I forgot were suppose to loose, so again go Bernie Go….

    • TGT23


      I mean, Reimer is so much better! His much lower stats and 7-16 record prove it!

      You’ve been right all along, Reimerfan. See, I hadn’t realized that having a lower save percentage, higher GAA, and worse nearly across the board in advanced stats made Reimer the better goalie.

      I always assumed it was the goalie who stopped more pucks. Boy was I wrong.