WWYDW – Trading For Phil Kessel (With a Twist!)

Phil Kessel is far and away the Toronto Maple Leafs’ best player. Also, he only has three points in his last ten games and must be traded. 

I mean, that’s not really the case. Yes, he’s not scoring at his usual point-per-game clip, but only a bunch of idiots would want to run him out of town because of his stat line.

For instance, I’m actually in the “Trade Kessel” camp, but I also love him. I don’t think that makes me an idiot, though I’m sure plenty of you would disagree. I just think that a complete teardown and rebuild would do this organization a lot of good, and also, a trade would do Phil Kessel a lot of good. He doesn’t deserve this.

But even more hilarious than some of the terrible reasons that Kessel should or shouldn’t be traded is that if he was in fact traded, he wouldn’t get the Leafs much in return. See, TSN’s Darren Dreger seems to think that Kessel’s recent play has negatively affected his trade value. You know, as if less than half-a-season of not great hockey from a perennial All-Star means that he’s no longer an All-Star. 

The Situation


So where exactly does Phil Kessel’s trade value stand? 

Full stop. Before you answer that question, let’s throw in a twist.

It’s too easy to say propose a trade with other teams’ assets. We’re all bias and we all want to see the Leafs absolutely kill it if they do part ways with the best player the organization has had in quite a while. So instead, let’s use the Leafs’ own assets to set Phil Kessel’s value.

Would you trade a 1st round pick and William Nylander for Phil Kessel? Would you trade Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner in a package for Phil Kessel? Would you trade two 1sts and a 2nd? Ok, sorry about that last one.

Maybe the only way to truly gauge a player’s trade value is to put your own assets on the table? Maybe it works, maybe it won’t, but I’m guessing some of the comments are going to be magnificent.

Have at ’em.

    • walkingman11

      So seeing we are referencing old testament, you seem to think the leafs are Job the second. But like leaf fans, Job showed his truth faith and was rewarded.

      I’m beginning to think it was old testament times when the leafs last won the cup.

  • walkingman11

    I think its unfair to judge Nylander’s value at this point; he could turn out to be a huge asset for the leafs in the near future. I would keep Nylander out of the picture all together until he has developed more.

  • Bester27

    Justin perhaps it appears hilarious regarding what the leafs will be offered from other G.M.’s for Kessel. But the bottom line is these G.M.’s are dealing from strength and certainly will play hard ball with the leafs and YES definitely use Kessel’s quitting after the beginning of the new year.

    Could he return to his old form in the proper setting most likely. But it will indeed be fascinating to see how many suitors the leafs will line up for Phil once upon a time the thrill.

    We never know what truly goes on behind the scenes but it is my hope in a few years as the leafs bring in the good quality youngsters, yes who are strong in the analytic departments that one will become the team captain assisted by others who will NOT TOLERATE guys floating and trying to play a non team game. When we learn from the ink stained wretches of the media that this indeed has happened with the new captain laying the law down on how the leafs are determined to return to the pride and glory of wearing that jersey, then I will know this club is indeed heading in the right direction.

  • Bester27

    If I’m looking to get Phil, I am probably a GM of a contending team. That changes a lot.

    I would be willing to give up Nylander, 1st and Lupul. Kessel is for sure a 30 goal scorer, and a PPG player. I’m would give the world for that.

    The only way we trade Kessel is if we are getting that return. Otherwise wait, and let GMs drool.

    I am also making the assumption that we have hit rock bottom, and Kessel will go back to normal, which I am willing to bet on..