• CMpuck

    I don’t post here much anymore, but there is a simple solution:

    Just embrace the Marlies!

    They are a bunch of nice kids trying hard, 7-3-0 in the last 10. They are working their way into the playoffs. Connor Brown will probably be a rookie of the year candidate. Nylander has 17 points in 24 games as an 18 year old!

    If they keep Phaneuf, he could probably be a good captain for this bunch of young guys that try hard.

    Bring up Colton Orr for his swan song before retirement or Devane, so Phaneuf doesn’t have to fight anybody.

    These opposing teams seem far to brave when they never have to pay the price.

    If Orr, McLaren or Devane were on the 4th line, Brodziak would not even challenge Phaneuf after that hit.