LGD: More Like the Minnesota Tame

A reminder that this is a real thing and is hilarious (photo credit: jdoghooey)

The Maple Leafs of Toronto will be hosting the Wild of Minnesota at the Air Canada Centre this evening and in a season of unwatchable hockey games this may be the most unwatchable. This is because the Wild are a very boring team that no one cares about. To prove this, go up to someone and ask them to name all 30 NHL teams, they’ll probably rattle off 29 of them no problem, and sit around for five minutes going “WHO THE HELL AM I FORGETTING?” The answer to that question will also be the Minnesota Wild. Even in Minnesota they barely care, because it’s a terrible fan base that finds USHL too fast so they watch high school hockey instead. 

In closing, I cannot say enough good things about Better Call Saul, an excellent Monday night program that is far superior to this game in every way.

The Leafs

What is left to say about this team that hasn’t been covered in the previous 73 game day posts. This is a lineup that isn’t very good. It’s become clear that Tyler Bozak will again fail to reach 50 points this season (as is tradition), but we are now on Lupul watch to see if he can reach 10 goals or 20 points for the year. On one hand he’s one goal away, on the other hand, he’s been playing terrible.

Your Toronto Maple Leafs via Daily Faceoff


The Wild

The Wild would very much like to win to stay ahead of the Jets in the Wild card standings and draw in against the number two seed in the West. They’re also not completely out of the woods from being caught by the Kings in the standings, but that seems unlikely. It isn’t really a must win game for them, but it would still be nice if they pulled out the victory because we could really use the loss.

The team that will never be the North Stars via Daily Faceoff


Starting Goaltenders*

*please note that starting goaltender for the Leafs means they will likely only play the first period



I have frequently suggested that Devan Dubnyk looks like Baby Huey, but as few people know who Baby Huey is, I invite you to make a similar comparison to the cartoon duck of your choice.

What to Watch For

  • Indoor hockey, because that’s the only way the Wild do it.
  • You know that player you thought left to play in Europe, SURPRISE, he’s on the Minnesota Wild.
  • The Trevor Smith second line center era continues, maybe I shouldn’t beat up on Lupul’s point production, this might be impacting it.
  • A pregame ceremony where Eric Brewer gets a silver stick from an organization that acquired him so they could get a fifth round draft pick 16 months later
  • Will Zack Sill continue to fight is way into our hearts? (Please answer no to this, we do not need Zack Sill)
  • The game is on TSN so the intermission panels might be interesting* (*offer not valid if Jeff O’Neill is a panelist)