The Roundup


The Kadri saga continues, LA Kings conspiracy theories, Jannik Hansen owns Dion Phaneuf, Flames dominate the Pacific division, Ben ‘Sievens’, Michael Hutchinson and more in this weeks Roundup brought to you by DraftKIngs.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Jannik Hansen trolls Dion Phaneuf for turtling

Ryan Miller out until playoffs

Will the Canucks get Jordan Subban signed?

Flames dominance over Pacific Division is reason why playoffs are a real possibility

Why Mark Giordano should still be in the Norris Trophy race

Flames: Prospect update


Report: Leafs have more suitors for a Dion Phaneuf trade

Don Cherry weighs in on Leafs treatment of Kadri

Kadri gets 4 game suspension for hit on Fraser

How worried should Jets be about goaltender Michael Hutchinson

Is goaltending going to cost Jets playoffs again?

A mighty conspiracy against the LA Kings

Kings Player power rankings this week


Will a new overtime format benefit the Oilers?

Hole in goal: Ben Sievens

Oilers prospect depth chart – Scrap of the week

More around the Network…

Sharks: Thornton vs Wilson and why the Sharks are the best

The Pacific War Room

Eyes on the dollar: New York Islanders

Violent Gentlemen road trip to Edmonton


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    • Ruprecht

      Congrats on your new toy, but be careful with this kind of stuff. As a Canucks fan I remember the flack Oil fans were giving us over Justin Schultz “choosing” the Oilers over us. Funny how that one worked out. Actually, really funny. Any news on his Norris nomination this year?

          • RedMan

            if it works to Vancouver’s good fortune – good on you. However, it is still a bit too early to gloat – don’t be like an oiler fan and tell us how good he is now because of how good he is going to be. Let him play, grow and develop, and when he has achieved top six status, come rub it in. 😉

      • RedMan

        trust me, Flames fans took just as much flak as Van fans back when Oiler fans thought that they were done with their rebuild and had just landed, for free, a perennial Norris calibre defenseman.

        And Flames fans think it is funny as well – it is really easy to laugh at the faults of the Oilers because of their arrogance.

        So let me just say, I don’t think this means anything except that the Flames landed a decent defense prospect, which is nice given their needs. 😉 as for Vancouver – wouldn’t it be nice to see the Flames and Canucks go head to head in the first round this year?

        But ya, ‘Nucks fans have also tried rubbing in and laughing about the fact that they scored Baertschi for a 2nd – and who knows if Morrison or Baertschi pan out…

        nontheless, until they do, let us fulfill our mutual obligation to mock the Oilers.

        • Ruprecht

          Right on point. I’ve never forgiven the Oilers for poaching our AHL coach and making him their GM….well actually I have, and get a chuckle every time I think about it.

          I’d love a Flames/Canucks first round. It’s been far too long. Most of my in-laws live there and I must admit I’ve enjoyed a few staggers on the Red Mile in the past. It would be a great series. In all honesty, facing each other represents the best chance of getting out of the first round for both teams. We just need to start doing our part and figure out the Kings.

          One thing you can say about the Morrison signing is the kid is going to learn how to work and earn his way. You know, the step every Oiler prospect has been missing. Baertschi may have also missed that step, but hopefully he can turn things around with his old coach. If he doesn’t can we have our 2nd rounder back?

  • Meathead25

    Congratulations to the whole Calgary Flames organization, namely Bob Hartley & the players.

    There is a fair chance that Calgary will play hockey at a time when the Oilers real season begin: April golf.

    Great turn around led by Brian Burke. No overall #1 draft picks were necessary; only competence, professionalism, dedication, planning and experience. No arrogance or cluelessness for which Lowe & coy are known for…

  • Meathead25

    The thing that blows my mind is that after witnessing what the Oilers have done. Toronto plans to repeat the same process.

    I can’t believe GM’s don’t understand that there are more than one way to build a team.

    • Ruprecht

      The Leafs had to blow this thing up and in my mind not because of Pheneuf, but because of Kessel, Bozak and a couple of others. Kessel is a great scorer, but not in any shape a leader, Phaneuf should not have been made captain, but as a 2nd D he would be good, he has been miscast. Bozak has completely gone south and Lupul can not stay healthy so the core needs to be changed and the only way to do that now is with good drafting and that is an other area that the Leafs need improving in.

  • Vanoxy

    A quick note to the person who wrote that Leafs cartoon.

    It’s spelled “homicide”

    The way you spelled it is something totally different, according to urban dictionary.