LGD: Snark Tank

For the last time this season the Sharks roll into town. That means a couple of things:

1.) Brent Burns and his ol’ lady have been thumbin’ a ride across this great land of ours, fuelled on nothing but a case of Boones peach wine and a Jethro Tull cassette to get to Toronto.

2.) Since nothing would bring me more joy than seeing the Sharks knock the Jets and Kings out of the playoffs, and to see the Leafs not pick up two points tonight, you can count on a Leafs win. I am sorry for this, but I am destined to not have hockey joy in my life.

The Leafs

With Kadri suspended, the roster now consists of Phil Kessel, Morgan Rielly, and local improv troupe, Tickled Stink.

Lineup via Daily Faceoff



The Shorks

The Sharks struggled against Winnipeg this week after Joe Thornton called out his GM (and Hair Club for Men president) Doug Wilson over taking away Thornton’s captaincy. Hopefully they turn things around because no one wants Winnipeg in the playoffs. Deep down I think even Jets fans know it’s a bad idea.


With twelve games left and a six point deficit to make up, the Sharks are essentially done too, and like the Leafs they’ll be one of the more interesting teams to watch git blowed up this summer.

Lineup via Daily Faceoff


Starting Goaltenders


What to Watch For:

  • How much Patrick Marleau looks like a muppet

  • Given how well the Leafs have played lately tonight is our best chance to see Joe Thornton’s rooster.
  • How well can Trevor Smith handle Kadri’s minutes? (SPOILER: not very well)
  • There might be commercials for products you want to purchase.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hysterical piece. Love the goalie contrast. But I am sure you are going to get your Sharks win.

    No Holland?

    And Big Joe — any reprisals from the last game, when he took a slapshot at Dion’s groin?

  • Meathead25

    I guess the coach is now going with the goalie that gives them the best chance to loose. because after last game he doesn;t deserve the net tonight..HAHAHAHA loving it, instead of the best goalie that gives them the chance to win,….Go Bernier Go…

    He’s earning all that big pay cheque this season thats for sure…..

  • Jeremy Ian

    Wow Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull, I saw them 42 years ago in the Ottawa Civic Arena. A great band and Ian amazing playing on that flute standing on one leg.

    Okay, Okay I apologize about talking about the OLD DAYS, but Jon you brought up Jethro Tull.

    Anderson was one of the shrewder rock and rollers as he had every nickel accounted for. M.L.S.E. could have used a business man/ rock and roller like Anderson.

    • Jeremy Ian

      I take back my comments about calling your mom and setting up a play date. I too have seen Tull live in the original go round. You are truly ancient as am I.

      • Jeremy Ian

        lol Bhudda, I was fortunate enough to see most of the great rock and rollers in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I spent two years as an executive assistant to a cabinet minister up on the hill and thus I really enjoyed my time in Ontario and visition Quebec.

        The Ottawa civic arena had a lot of great shows over the years and one I recall was seeing the leafs play an exhibition game in which a young skinny swedish kid played his first game as a leaf. A kid named Salming.

        Like that fine wine I’m getting better with age I just hope the leafs get better.