Leafs recall Sam Carrick on an Emergency Basis

With the injury to Peter Holland, and the four game suspension to Nazem Kadri it seemed like only a matter of time before the Leafs made a recall from the Marlies. And while the prospect of double shifting Zack Sill might have seemed preferable to tank nation, the NHLPA has strict rules about purposely playing a man short, so today the Leafs made their move.

Carrick has been a decent foot soldier for the Marlies this season playing in all situations, and has put up 25 points in 50 games. He has been held pointless in the ten games he’s played with the Leafs, but has seen his ice time limited in favour of budding superstars like Trevor Smith.

Given the bottom six nature of Carrick’s game it’s interesting that he’s been recalled over a guy like Greg McKegg, and may be telling of what the organization presently thinks of McKegg’s career projection. It will also be interesting seeing where Carrick will slot in tonight, as you can reasonably make a case that he is more talented than Trevor Smith or Zack Sill, or at the very least it’s worth seeing what he can do with more than the 5 minutes a night Carrick’s been averaging in the NHL.

With Holland likely to miss at least one more game, Carrick will probably stick around for Saturday’s game as well, hopefully helping the organization decide on what they see in him beyond this season. 

Given where we’re at in the season, caring about how Sam Carrick plays tonight might be one of the best reasons to tune into the game, so enjoy.

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  • MaxPower417

    It’s sad how I always hear broadcaster rave about the defensive play of former Battalion (OHL) players that were coached under Stan Buttler.

    Remember when everyone praised Jay McClement for his defensive abilities? Carrick is similar, but I feel has more upside.

    I think Leafs scouting for the most part has really dropped the ball… And I can give everyone an easy example.

    How does a team from California (San Jose) sign undrafted Barclay Goodrow, and he immediately makes the team, and has had a half decent rookie season (better than anyone on the Leafs).

    Another former Battalion captain that Buttler employed for every aspect, I watched him a number of times in the OHL and he was great. So back to my question.. How can a team, in the US of A, in California, see the potential, sign him, and have him make the team?

    Just seems so ridiculous to me, so so many players in the GTA get signed by teams far away. Where are the Leafs?

    If my previous example wasn’t good enough, here’s another. Tyler Johnson

    • MaxPower417

      I certainly agree on the scouting part. You would think that Toronto could use some guys that were free agents and they could just sign? Maybe they thought that these players would not fit in well to their system– oh yeah, what system. Sure hope that under Dubas and Hunter they get better at building up their prospect base.

    • MaxPower417

      Blue what is really sad is despite the hiring of Shanahan, the Kid Kyle, and Hunter the old boys net work of scouts a.k.a. the architects of disaster are still employed by M.L.S.E. Yesiree Morrison, Watt, Penny and the rest of the failures are still scouting for the leafs. Kind of makes you think when it comes to the draft poker game the leafs are playing two cards short each game.