The Leafs Are Going to Miss The Playoffs (Again)


ICYMI, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a horrible hockey team.

And with nearly a month remaining in the 2014-15 NHL regular season, the Leafs will miss the playoffs for the ninth time in 10 seasons.

Ok, so this really didn’t come as a surprise to anybody. The Leafs were a bad team with a decent record right through until the calendar turned, but the wheels came completely off in 2015. I mean, we’ve been talking about who Toronto should draft with their top five draft pick for weeks now.

But only tonight, after the Boston Bruins picked up a pity point in a 2-1 shootout loss to the Buffalo Sabres (Sidenote: Bahahahahaha) were the Leafs officially eliminated from playoff contention.



      • CMpuck

        Hanifin – Rielly? I hope the Leafs don’t look past that pair, though a top two pair one built around Rielly and the other Provorov?

        But why try to build a dynamic blueline or one the is strong on possession when we could get a shiny scoring winger in Marner?

  • boo hoo…..McDavid yeah right in your dreams…another someboady the Leafs would screw up..
    not happening……

    as for the playoffs…..who cares???? the playoffs are for real hockey teams, and the Leafs are far from ever being that….

    but hey yugot silver lining Bernier…

  • STAN

    Mantha Schmantha. Marner Schmarner.

    Either one of those guys, or even both, might be a promising start (might, ’cause you just never know), but the Leafs are about 16 players short of being a real contender.

  • STAN

    Couldn’t ask for a better elimination. Maybe if Buffalo beat Montreal it would be sweeter but I’ll take Boston losing to the AHL Sabres.

    *pretends to be happy*

  • Meathead25

    It was really never a question of IF the wheels would fall off, but more a question of WHEN. After teasing us with a GREAT first half of the season it was only a matter of time before everything went down in flames, and for me that was finding out the Leafs fired Carlyle while he was at his brother-in-law’s bedside in Sudbury over the phone…

    SO, yeah…I kinda saw it happening there, but the seeds for it were planted on December 20, 2014 after they lost to Philly…that road trip was disastrous.

    • Meathead25

      damn that’s really messed up if this is true. i didn’t know about that. i hated carlyle but that’s cold hearted and wrong… at least he got to spend more time with his family i guess but that’s just messed up either way. no one deserves that even if he was expecting that phone call.

  • Meathead25

    There probably is some thought out there that the leafs delayed the predictable firing of Carlyle till after the Christmas season to be show their seasonal good spirit. However as others have pointed out he got the word of his firing by cell phone while at a dying relative’s bed. This sounds like something Ballard would have done.

    But imagine if Shanahan had moved a dozen games earlier and brought in Peter as the temporary coach at the beginning of December. Obviously the same core would have tuned him out as they did at the beginning of January. The leafs obviously would have had a much better shot at finishing last.

    However there is literally always next year. Let us truly understand that this old house has to be stripped to the foundation. So tanking in 2016, 2017 and even 2018 doesn’t bother me one bit.

    Oh I know some of you will say we will be the replica of the Edmonton Oilers. But not if management is smart and that is the key in reality. Just don’t draft 4 or 5 similar players as Edmonton has. Lean towards the top defenceman, try to get a big center one year.

    Use a second round pick a couple times to draft a young goalie as you stock pile this position, you can deal off one of thegoalie picks in a couple of years and get another second round pick or more back. I think most of us feel this isn’t rocket science but for some inane reason for leaf management similar to the New York Knicks in the N.B.A., the drafting has been terrible and at times bizarre.

    One other crucial matter. How about a sabatical for a year or two. No more signings of 37 year old defencemen coming off two broken legs. No more free agent so called power forwards with the initials D.C. or no more truculent but pylon defencemen such as Komisarek or trading for the Garnet Exelby’s of the world. In other words forget the free agents. Oh the answer will be but, but, but we have to have these guys who are great in the locker room up in the press box. B.S. to that, hell the leafs have a hall of shame of these guys brought in at the end of their career. Their only accomplishment was collecting their pay cheque, kind of like the core we have today.