Nazem Kadri handed four game suspension for hit on Oilers’ Fraser

As expected, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety has come down on Nazem Kadri, suspending him for the next four games as punishment for his elbow to the head of Matt Fraser.

According to Leafs assistant coach Steve Spott, the reasoning behind the punishment length was divided into three parts. The actual action earned him two games, the fact that Fraser suffered a concussion added an extra, and one more game was added for Kadri’s prior history.

This isn’t Kadri’s first suspension, and we’re not talking about his late-for-practice saga from last week. In November 2013, he was suspended three games for a hit to the head of Minnesota Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom.

Four games appears to be a just punishment, given all of the factors at stake. I’m not a big fan of suspending based off of the severity of the victim’s injury, as that’s often out of the aggressor’s control, but even if unintentional, the hit was no doubt reckless. Seeing as his last suspension was only sixteen months ago, it’s no shock to see him considered a repeat offender.

Kadri will miss games against San Jose (tomorrow), Ottawa (Saturday), Minnesota (March 23rd), and Florida (March 26th). The earliest he can return is on March 28th against the Senators.

    • Meathead25

      Absolutely correct javid. This definitely should help the leafs retain the fourth pick. Unfortunately Arizona, Edmonton, and Buffalo have too big of a lead to catch them in the futility bowl. However the percentage numbers don’t increase much for the chance at McDavid.

      I’m starting to actually suggest the old Burkie blue print, except it would actually be initiated and that is getting Reilly the top defenceman prospect in 2015 as a future partner. The second first round pick I would use for one of the top goalies availabe, as quick do a study on how many above average players have come from the 25th to 30th picks. Oh there are exceptions but why not take the gamble on getting a good young goalie, unless you think Bernier is the answer. This pick would give the young Quebec goalie some competition.

      Next season obviously we will again be going nowheresville so again pick up a strong young defenceman.

      As others have pointed out this is going to be a long painful process. But let us see management for once do it right after all we have only been waiting 48 years.
      In other words truly build out from the goalie.

  • STAN

    I’m still skeptical about Reilly’s commitment to physicality and actual defence.

    Sure, he can skate like few others and he’s still young, but his defensive fundamentals suck.