LFR8 – Game 71 – Crude – Tor 1, Edm 4

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Look at me being a Positive Pete over here.

  • Ultimate Sports'er

    Why are we complaining about the leafs losing? Isn’t this what everybody wants? Tank Nation and all that? Everybody goes on and on about how the leafs should tank and get an amazing pick. Yet everybody is still complaining when they lose. Pick one.


    • MatsSundin#13

      Alex, it’s not so much that we are complaining about the leafs losing – that is definitely what we want for the tank. What we are really hoping for is for the Leafs to at least make some of the games close, maybe losing by a goal or or two instead 3+.

      • FlareKnight

        I think that’s kind of asking for the moon though. The results are what matter and a lot of these guys are going out the door.

        The Leafs have enough firepower that if they could shake the negativity and play to their ability they’d be closer to a .500 team and outplay Columbus and Carolina.

        I’d rather get the pick than the ideal of a bunch of close losses that could easily turn into OT losing points or shootout wins. These games don’t matter long term.

        • TGT23

          Yes and no.

          We’re okay with them losing, we may even want them to lose, but we’d at least like them not to be a complete joke while doing it.

          You can lose 2-1 and say that they at least had a chance, put in a solid effort, but ultimately lost. You can be proud of a team that competes but still sucks. Making the losses palatable.

          You can’t be proud of a team that gets destroyed nightly. And then loses badly to an even worse team. Those suck worse because yes, it’s okay to lose, it is not okay to give up.

          Know what I mean?

      • TGT23

        no thanks. i don’t want them to give effort. if they do, they may win or collect points. we can’t have any of that. as bad as it sounds, it’s better for the tank if their confidence is at an all time low. we don’t need kessel/jvr/kadri on their a-game because that’s too dangerous.

        • MatsSundin#13

          Fair enough, I agree with you and FlareKnight that we don’t want them to gain any points. The hard part is watching the young guys muster up as much emotional and physical energy as they can against the Oilers and they get bopped 4-1.