Leafs Postgame – All Time Low


Craig MacTavish watching the Leafs, probably.

Ughhhhhhhh, let’s get this over with. The Edmonton Oilers beat the Toronto Maple Leafs by a score of 4-1 tonight, while Toronto handily won the Greatest Tank Battles game-within-the-game. The Leafs, much to the delight of Tank Nation, now sit 27th in the league. So, that’s something, I guess? 

The Rundown

There wasn’t much of a need to play the second or third periods tonight, as all the action took place in the first twenty minutes of the game. Not even eleven minutes into the game, and Edmonton would jump out to a 4-0 lead with goals from Benoit Pouliot (twice), Jordan Eberle and Anton Lander. Not to let Jonathan Bernier off the hook, because one save on four shots is never acceptable, but the team in front of him certainly didn’t do much to help him out. All three goals against Bernier came on tips and/or great shots from prime scoring positions. James van Riemsdyk would deflect a Dion Phaneuf point shot to pull the Leafs within three, but the first period would end the way the game eventually would, with the Oilers leading 4-1.

In the second period, things certainly slowed down. Although, a trailer for Fast and Furious 7 came on during a commercial break and it was very exciting, so, you know, not a total waste of time.

Not much different in the third. I actually had a five minute nap, which was nice, and Nazem Kadri caught Matt Fraser with an elbow to the head, which wasn’t nice at all. Kadri would get a two-minute penalty on the play, but I wouldn’t be all the surprised if the NHL hands out some further punishment.

Blue Warrior

It’s not like anyone played really well tonight, but Morgan Rielly stood out once again. There’s certainly room to improve on the defensive side of the game, but the way Rielly moves up the ice with the puck on his stick is something to behold. Rielly created his fair share of offence tonight, putting four shots on net (tied with Phil Kessel and Phaneuf for team lead).

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

The Leafs will return home tomorrow and await the arrival of the San Jose Sharks on Thursday night. Tune in to TSN4 at 7:30pm.

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Come on guys you are going to upset the usual suspects in here. One who desperately needs anger management treatment. To be a poster in here you have to be positive about the leafs. In other words you have to lie.

    • TGT23

      You realize you are literally making up people right now, yes?

      No one, at least no one I have seen on this blog or some of the others, have been anything like the blind, ignorant, everything is amazing homer you’ve created the narrative in your mind for.

      There have been many people, myself included, who have the audacity to say factual things that are both complimentary and critical of players on the team. And use incredibly biased and ultimately useless things like stats to support what the eye-test tells us.

      My favourite part of your shtick is that you actively ignore all the parts of people’s posts where they are critical, focus on the few sentences where they might be complimentary, and point at them like a blind homer who doesn’t see the flaws of the team.

      The only liar here is you. You are INVENTING people and then putting words in their mouth AND THEN pretending real people are those people you’ve created in your mind.

      It’s fascinating… Your brain should be studied.

      Now, enough of you, to the game…

      I’ll start by saying I’m a fan of Bernier, which is well documented, and I hope the team keeps him, I think he can be a very good goalie (he… is a very good goalie by the numbers) and he’s young enough that he can still fit into a rebuilding teams timetable…

      But damn, you need to make that save on the first goal… Second goal can be forgive, team was on the PK, a bit weak defensively, very nice shot… But that first one… Weak.

      Unsurprisingly, Eric Brewer was on the ice for both… And people think management isn’t fully in on Tank Nation…

      Explain Brewer playing on the PK and 18 minutes for the game if Horachek isn’t in on a Tank job.

      And that third goal… MacWilliams is a kid, I get it, someone should probably teach him to pay attention to the player joining the rush, not just the one with the puck. Can’t let Pouliot get the puck, walk in unchecked, and blast a shot from the top of the circle…

      JVR got a goal… That’s neat… Basically a meaningless goal but hey, he has a shot at 30… Can’t help but feel had Bozy and Kessel not taken three months off maybe JVR is at 30 already. Or, maybe I give him too much credit.

      It’s really hard to tell with him, sometimes.

      EDIT: Before “someone” accuses me of bias or whatever, the Kadri hit was stupid. It is indefensible, he’ll be suspended, and he should know better. It doesn’t make him a bad player, a bad person, and I doubt the Leafs will suddenly decide to give up on him for it, but the hit comes at a very bad time. He’ll miss a game, and when he comes back he HAS to spend the last 10 games getting himself back on track and have something to build on going into the off-season. I do wonder if the Leafs extend him long-term or bridge him with a 2-year deal. At this point, a 2-year is my preferred outcome and I’ll take my chances he’ll be worth even more in 2 years.

      • Jeremy Ian

        amen on @what’s48years

        It’s so boring.

        On to what matters. The wreck of this team is taking its toll. We are all happy for Tank Mode — and locking the 4th pick. But this does have a price for a team short on good leadership. Players are really losing their confidence and composure, and respond differently. What’s happening to Bernier is stunning. Kadri’s also not coping well with this stress.

        Management’s clearly going to have to assess whether they have the fortitude to handle a rebuild. So much now depends on who they get as a real coach.

        The guy who amazes me: Rielly. The kid on this team. Justin’s right, he’s not always a tough marker in his own end, but he’s not letting this debacle bring him down. Damn, what a fighter.

  • TGT23

    I said it in the pre-game chat… we’re at the point where Edmonton and Buffalo are a clear and present danger to beat this team on any night… That is the level of awful this team is now.

    And for those of us on the Tank Nation boat, whether you started the year there or have slowly had your spirit crushed to the point where you’re just thinking “life can’t get any worse, just blow it up and sell me hope for the future”, this game… This IS our life for the next 3-5 years.

    It will get better eventually, but be prepared for 257 games (last 11 games plus the next three seasons) at minimum of this…

    The only excitement we’ll have is at the yearly trade deadline when we get to see what veteran we signed in the off-season has value enough to trade for picks or prospects, and the draft, where those picks get used and we can all speculate how that player will fit in and what his timeline is, etc.

    That’s about it…


    At very least, and this is me grasping at straws here, it could be fun to watch the kids develop. Reilly, Percy, Nylander, Kozun, and maybe JVR, Panik, Kadri, and Gardiner.

    At least I hope so.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey guys, look at the bright side, we’re probably going to be able to sign Bernier to another 2.9 Million dollar deal with these types of performances.

    Is that good? That could be good?

    • Jeremy Ian

      Could be — depends on how shattered he is by the decomposition of this team. It’s the sad part of this tanking process is that you lose perspective on the talent you have because — Rielly aside — it’s pretty demoralizing.

  • MatsSundin#13

    Lindstrom and Kozie played a combined 7:31 last night. Kessel played 21:40. Looking at the Oilers, we see that star player and 1st-liner Jordan Eberle played 16:12 and fourth liner Rob Klinkhammer played 8:48. Maybe Kessel’s TOI is inflated partially because of powerplay time, but still…..I know we want to tank, but there has to come a point where we want to develop the skills of our young players instead of running JVR-Bozie-Phil into the ground.

  • STAN

    I will mention Reimer, he played well last year as he tanked the last 10 games, but hell even than he played better than Bernier has all season….and if this was Reims playing this bad you all would be calling for his stick and glove and throwing him to the wolves…Reims is the better Goalie always was, it was both a waste of time and money bringing Bernier here and if you and the organization thinks hes the real deal and that the team should build around him and pay him a good paycheque and lenthy contract, you all need to stop smoking that funny weed…. to say to all yor Bernier supportors…really you honestly think he’s all that????

    Reimer played “just ok” give me a break…stop protecting and standing up for a net minder that never should have been brought here,,I hope NONIS is sitting there crying in his beer ought to be ashamed of himself…………

    Great to see Reims going toe to toe with his former back-hp and friend on the other end..

    Hang un there Reims you have this long, good days are coming soon……..

    P.S. BENIER HAS HAD 2 SEASONS THAT = “JUST OK” give it a rest “HES NOT ALL THAT” just as I said when he came her..and he’s had a heck of a run this year to prove otherwise which he didn’t….

    GO REIMS GO!!! the only player that through it all doesn’t know the meaning of GIVING UP…..