LGD- Lerfs take on Oilolers

The Lerfs and Oilers have been so bad for so long, the last time the two teams faced off in a season where both teams made the playoffs, Eric Brewer led the Oilers in ice time. March 10, 2003, to be exact.

Here’s the box score from that game, if you’re curious. The Lerfs won 3-2, with goals from Mats Sundin, Tomas Kaberle and Alexander Mogilny.

Tonight’s game will have a marginal impact on the chance that some ping-pong balls will come up with one team over another. That’s about it. Other than that, it’s the closest thing the NHL has to relegation.

The Oilers

The projected lineup from DailyFaceoff.com only lists five Oilers defencemen, for some reason or another. That’s fitting, because the Oilers usually play like they’re always a man down. Oscar Klefbom is the first defenceman in the NHL to wear #84, and Matt Fraser’s name is kind of similar to Mark Fraser. Other than a few first overall picks and a national hero in Jordan Eberle, there’s not much exciting in this lineup. Taylor Hall remains out with a leg injury, though he’s projected to be back in the next few weeks.

The Lerfs

What an interesting lineup, to say the least. Imagine getting handed this in October- you’d have to think it was some sort of teenager’s weird NHL 15 team, or a poorly drafted fantasy team. 

Starting Goalies

Nothing like a classic battle of former LA Kings backup goalies who were traded for each other.

Scrivens’ greatest moment may be in fact, this vine.

What to watch for:

  • Don’t.
  • Okay, if you must. The Lerfs might actually win this one!

(s/o to our own Thomas Drance for the Lerfs nickname. It seems to fit. TheLerfsNation.com is available, if anyone is interested in buying the domain.)