LFR8 – Game 70 – Effort – Tor 1, Van 4

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At this point all I’m asking for is an effort. Some players gave one and some very did not.

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  • TGT23

    Well Steve I’m glad you asked the common folk where their standards are. You see Steve most of us are just ordinary leaf fans across the country. This weekend the leafs visited and played in my home town. Well they didn’t play but they sure partied along Granville street as one of your other contributors pointed out.

    You see we don’t get the opportunity of smiling with Phil Kessel. You looked really good in that picture a few weeks ago with Phil.

    You see my standards are different than your’s Steve. I’m sure there were some of the youngsters on the bench watching with the clock winding down and the club down 3 to 1 with the goalie pulled. Now these impressionable kids actually look up to the veterans Steve. They want to learn from guys who have been in the league for several years.

    So freaking do tell us what these younsters learned from Phil Kessel refusing to take a hit from Dorsett and thus simply giving the puck away and watching a canuck score on an empty net. It was classic Kessel. Oh sure I’m sure the Kessel brigade will come in here an parrot but, but, but he scores like Stamkos, Tavares, Pacioretty, Toews etc.

    But here is the key Steve that you will never admit this guy is going to be moved because he isn’t a TEAM PLAYER. Rudy Gay was not a team player he got moved once again.

    It is sad to see so many people not comprehending that for a team to succeed everyone has to be on the same page. Unfortunately the current leafs have more pages than War and Peace.

    When the leafs core and captain actually care and show it by playing a 200 foot game and go out and kick derriere when a punk kid gets out of line. Then and only then will the leafs return to respectability. A lot of leaf fans from Vancouver tonight did show up and quickly followed that by a throw up.

    There was a time Steve before your time when that leaf sweater really, really meant something to millions of hockey fans.

    • Poluza

      You have some very compelling arguments against Kessel. In a season like this, who wouldn’t want to fire the franchise player into the sun? But did you feel that way when Kessel finally conquered the Chara in the playoffs? Everyone was praising him then.

      How about Ovechkin? Obviously he is a much better player. But look at how he played under Dale Hunter vs Bruce Boudreau vs Barry Trotz. Under Hunter, he was praised for his defense, but couldn’t score. Under Boudreau he scored in bunches, but couldn’t defend. Now under Trotz he’s suddenly good at scoring AND defending?

      Lets not blame one player for the failure of the team. It’s a team sport. If he played every game with Toews and Sharp and Hossa and Keith, I bet you would love him again.

    • TGT23

      I couldn’t exactly follow what you were even trying to say in this rant of yours…

      I mean, most of it is you ripping Dangle because he makes videos and has a job that, on occasion, allows him to be in the same room as an NHL player… Seems unfair and a bit jealous but whatever. Moving on.

      The rest you start by saying you have different standards and then go on to talk about how the team can’t win until they all give a damn and become a team… Which isn’t all that different from Steve just wanting the players to try and give a crap to end the year.

      And then you rant, as you often do, about how “youngster’s” don’t understand things and how none of them/us are talking about the important things….

      Which ended up being a list of things people HAVE talked about…

      Example: You mention the kids on the bench and how they look up to the vets and learn from them. In this video Steve LITERALLY references that in discussing Eric Brewer.

      And it is true that Kessel is an elite goal scorer, you can’t deny that one. But no one has given him a pass for his defense, his “give-a-****” meter, etc. You seriously act like defending Kessel about some things (his goal scoring, his relationship with the media) is the same as defending everything about him.

      It isn’t.

      And you mention how the team can’t win until it cares about playing a 200 foot game, which was EXACTLY the reason Carlyle and his “history of winning” was let go and Horechek was brought in.

      Yet you’ve been the MOST critical of that move but that move was done in order to do EXACTLY what you say needs to be done.

      That move has allowed the team to get rid of a system that doesn’t work and begin to teach those young, impressionable kids how to play real NHL hockey. At the same time, it has allowed the organization to recognize which on the roster CAN’T (or won’t) play that defensive, team hockey and move them out (or start to).

      Try to remember that the next time you talk about Shanny, Dubas, or Horechuk.

      And maybe give it a rest about how youngsters don’t understand the game the way that you do if you aren’t actually going to pay attention to what a whole lot of them are saying.

      Also, the jersey meant something in the 90’s and early 2000’s. You can’t sit there and tell me the crest meant nothing when Mats, Dougie, or Wendel wore it. The fans cared, the players cared and I won’t let you take that away from any of us.

  • TGT23

    Btw Steve an interesting stat for you and we all know how important stats are these days. Phil the Thrill Kessel is now 3rd from last in the league in plus minus. Truly an amazing accomplishment well deserved.

          • TGT23

            Well, obviously. Because us youngsters (people under 60, I suppose?) don’t actually understand what we are seeing when we watch hockey.

            You see, we only see things that make Leaf players look good. Like when they replayed that Kessel penalty shot goal 4 times I was like “wow, that was 4 different goals! He is on a huge streak!”.

            And don’t forget, we are psycologically incapable of criticizing Leaf players or seeing their flaws.

            I mean, we talk about them every game, we rip the players daily and have been saying for months if not years things like “Phil Kessel plays no defense” and “Tyler Bozak isn’t a 1C” and “WTH is Clarkson doing on the PP…. STILL”…

            But you see, THOSE don’t count. Because we may have also said “Over the last 5 years Kessel has more goals than everyone but OV”, or “Tyler Bozak seems freakishly good in shootouts”, which means we ACTUALLY think they are perfect hockey players and all the criticism’s we’ve voiced about them don’t count.

            At all.

            Because we’re younger than 60… And Advanced stats are the devil… And numbers are scary… And MORE knowledge and facts only cloud your judgement with truths that hurt your eye test and ignorance’s feelings…

            Or something like that.

  • TGT23

    The Leafs must be excused for losing to the Canucks. Today was PI Day in the World. 3.1415 goes forever. The next PI day will be in around 100 years. The Leaf players tonight had these numbers and math in their heads most of the game.This of course caused them to skate in ‘CIRCLES.’

    • Poluza

      C = π D.

      C in this case is Circumference. π is 3.1415 etc. etc. D is diameter.

      Corsi is totally different. Compared to Circumference, Corsi is somewhat meaningless.

      Tonight, the Leafs managed to fit the real formula.

  • Poluza

    the leafs are so insulting to the city of toronto. we don’t deserve this never-ending disrespect. i wish we could get an expansion team here and start over with a new club. this old one has been dead for almost 50 years.

  • Poluza

    Ok, so I’m going to answer your question here, Steve. At this point, if all the Rielly jerseys were sold out, what name won’t you put on the back of your jersey?
    Well first off, your right, Rielly would have been my top choice. Seeing as I can’t choose him, I would be wavering between three players: JVR, Booth & Bozak. Now before everyone gets on me about the first lines lack of effort I will immediately say that I agree with that; but the reason I think there’s a lack of effort on that line is because of Kessel. I seem to find that (without paying attention to what the numbers say) both JVR & Bozak play much better when they’re separated from Kessel. I’m not trying to say that this is his intention, but sometimes your ‘give a sh** meter’ or lack thereof can sometimes rub off on others, especially the guys that play on the same line as you. Say what you want about Bozak, but he’s great on the faceoff, he’s great on the power play & he’s great on the PK… or at least he has been in the past. In recent time I only see that greatness when Kessel isn’t on the ice with him. I think he truly does care, but when your linemate (and close buddy) doesn’t care it rubs off. Maybe I’m being bias because I’ve always been a Bozak fan, but that’s just my opinion. JVR has proven himself in the past and works on his skills to better them all the time. Booth… doesn’t even need an explanation considering how he’s been playing in recent time. I’m not saying Kessel is the ENTIRE problem, but the attitude rubs off on others. It’s a team game and they need to play that way.
    I just hope they make some positive changes over the summer, not just with players but with coaching, management, etc. Other than accomplishing the impossible task of trading Clarkson, I can’t really think of anything else that Nonis has done for this team. Get rid of him. Get a GM in here that knows what he’s doing, won’t sign players to ridiculous contracts and can make the right picks to better this team and start a TRUE rebuild.

    • Poluza

      Shep there you go telling the truth about Kessel and we loyal leaf fans don’t like being told the truth. It hurts our feelings. How could you criticize Phil after all he scored a beauty penalty shot goal, just ask Steve. Btw it was his first road goal in 2015.

      So Shep in the future just try to say nice boring platitudes about the leafs and remind us how great they were in the 1990’s and it only has been a little over 10 years that they have struggled a little to make the playoffs.

      • TGT23

        You obviously don’t pay any attention to what anyone other than yourself and the people who sort of agree with you say.

        People, including Steve, have been HIGHLY critical of Kessel.

        The difference is that unlike you, for example, most people don’t make up facts or completely ignore facts to feed our bias.

        No one is saying Kessel’s goal (or ability to score) makes up for or excuses all of his flaws. What people might say is “Phil Kessel is an elite goal scorer” but somehow you take that to mean they are saying “Phil Kessel is an elite player with no flaws who plays a 200 foot game and is awesome!”…

        Which no one here has said ever…

        You seem to be the only one having issues with the truth. Either you ignore it or make up your own reality and impose it on everyone else. Like your narrative that ‘no one is talking bad about Kessel’ which is incredibly false, but you seem to BELIEVE it is real.

        Or, was that too truthful for you?

  • TGT23

    Odd you should ask. I was at the Walter Gretzky tournament with my daughters recently and the pro shop was selling jerseys. I leafed through the Leafs and found a Clarkson Winter Classic tagged @ $199. He asked $50, I offered $30. So the answer is a David Clarkson #71 in our hearts … at best.