Leafs Postgame – Two Fans Watch, Two Players Play

Something I noticed tonight? Nobody was really watching this game. Looking through Twitter, I didn’t see too many people breaking down every shift as usual. They were having nights out, they were watching Toronto FC (that red card was brutal), they were doing literally anything else they could but watch the Toronto Maple Leafs. Can you blame them?

The Rundown

The two teams traded some chances for a little bit, but unsurprisingly, the Canucks struck first, with Chris “Abs” Higgins sending home a behind-the-net pass from Brad Richardson. Fast forwarding to the second period, the Canucks nearly scored a shorthanded goal about six minutes in. I say nearly not because there was a fantastic save, but more because the penalty expired a second before  Derek Dorsett’s puck went in.

The Leafs needed to regroup at this point, and totally didn’t. Thirty two seconds later, they were back in their own zone and Jonathan Bernier was on his back, after Joffrey Lupul decided the best way to get rid of Ronalds Kenins was to place him atop his own goaltender. Jannik Hansen took advantage of this to score Vancouver’s third of the game.

Midway through the period, Phil Kessel gave fans something to be happy about, scoring on a penalty shot earned after being hooked on a breakaway. Unfortunately, that was it for the Leafs, who eventually conceded an empty netter from Shawn Matthias to wrap up the scoring.

Blue Warrior

Morgan Rielly, just because David Booth has picked up the last two Warrior nods and those two (arguably Nazem Kadri as well) are the only players who seem to still consistently give a damn about what happens in these games. Obviously, fans are cheering for “the tank”, but you don’t want to see players mentally checked out either. Lose due to being outplayed, not due to a lack of pulse.

Summing It Up

This team has transcended bad and rapidly approached “insulting to watch”. 

I really don’t blame fans if they stop caring for the rest of the year (though they should keep coming to the leafs nation dot com). The Leafs appear to have already beaten them to it. Toronto returns to the ice on Tuesday, when they’ll take on the Edmonton Oilers, a team who they probably won’t be able to out-lose.

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  • TGT23

    as much as i am against enforcers/goons, sill seems to be one of the few who care as well. you can see that he tries very hard every shift even if he’s not good. at this point, it’s a victory if we lose but just as long as there’s effort put forth. no one says that the oilers don’t try. they just suck but they do try very hard to win in their games. unlike the leafs who stopped giving a sh*t a few months ago.

      • i hear the opposite where the stars are unfairly accused of not trying because the oilers remain basment dwellers (especially hall and yakupov) and i meant hockey fans don’t accuse them of not trying, they just say that the team is just bad. you don’t hear the same criticism that the leafs hear except the kessel lazy narrative (similar to yakupov) and hall being accused of being garbage.

  • And Hall (and several others like Schultz) are often accused of not standing up for teammates, or teammates outside their own clique.

    You remember where Kassian was punking Phanuef? Depending on which Oiler was on the getting end, the other skaters sometimes decline to help.

  • STAN

    Jeff on behalf of most leaf fans I want to thank you for your brilliant strategy of trying to help leaf fans avoid the pain of watching that Edmonton v.s. leaf game. Yesirreeee Jeff a truly genius move in telling the leaf fans in here that the leaf fans next game is Tuesday.

    Unfortunately Jeff I have to tell the truth as usual. The game v.s. the oilers is Monday night not Tuesday. Yes Jeff the truth some times hurts like having to remind people that Phil Kessel has quit on this team and forget the third worst plus minus record in the league, Phil scored his first goal on the road in 2015. Way to go Phil. Yep Cherry is probably right and although the old guy has been very loyal to Kadri, he summed it up when he pointed out that if YOU had been treated like that by an organization would you stick around. So we will be saying good bye to another top ten pick soon. Maybe the leafs could make a trade, heh I got it why not give up 2 leafs who were first round picks and we could get Stempniak back. It worked once why not try again.

  • STAN

    This top paid ‘core’ of this team has collectively given the middle finger to their coaches, management, fans and Shanahan by basically saying. “Hey, our contracts are guaranteed, win or lose and y’know what… we don’t really care. In fact, trade us ASAP. Sure we’ve shown just how unprofessional we are so our trade value has plummeted, but no matter what… the cheques keep coming.”

    • STAN

      Stan that is absolutely what other G.M.’s are going to point out to who ever the leaf G.M. is after the season. They will simply point out a leaf’s brutal second half and state that player’s value has dropped and therefore you get back less in a deal.

      But as you state it is a business and thus the players don’t really care as they have shown to us especially since the start of 2015. The cheques are good now and they will be years from now.

  • STAN

    Congratulations “whats48years”, you’ve passed Bobby Crappucino on my skip over, do not read, waste of time list. That’s an accomplishment I would not have imagined happening in this lifetime.