LGD – See You At The Roxy After?

Ok, so here’s the plan. We get this hockey game over with and then we all head to The Roxy. That’s the place to be, man. It’s where every visiting hockey team (and members of the home team, I’m sure) go after the game to unwind and drink and meet pretty ladies. It’s like hockey player heaven, and they even hold parties and bring in the Stanley Cup! No, I mean, not when the Canucks win. They don’t win anything. It only happens when a Vancouver-born player wins the Cup elsewhere and brings it home.


Go Kings! (Photo: www.roxyvan.com)

What? You want me to talk about the game? Man, nobody cares about the game. The Leafs are the fifth worst team in the league and who cares about the Canucks? They’re a boring, average and a borderline playoff team. The only people who care about them are actual Canucks fans and they never visit TLN.

Ok, fine.

The Leafs

Not much in the way of exciting roster news today, other than Nazem Kadri returning from his mysterious three game absence. Kadri recently spoke to reports and told them he was humiliated and that he vows to be more of a professional going forward. That’s super cool because we all know what he did/has done is/was super unprofessional? No, seriously – I’m asking. I have no idea what’s going on.


The Canucks

Don Cherry is going to be ecstatic on coaches corner tonight because Kevin Bieksa (along with Chris Higgins and Yanick Weber and Brad Richardson) is slated to return to the Canucks lineup after a lengthy absence due to a hand injury. Let’s go! 


Starting Goaltenders

What They’re Saying

From Canucks Army, an ok website I guess.

Eastern ratings should soar when Sleeping Beauty, Nazem Kadri, returns from a 3 game team imposed suspension. Quite the convenient storyline for a team that would benefit at the Draft Lottery with a few stars out of the lineup for awhile.

  • DoubleDIon

    Ironic you bash Vancouver saying they win nothing, meanwhile the leafs are the only canadian team that hasn’t been able to win their conference in the past 48 years.

  • DoubleDIon

    Justin the boys would have gotten into Vancouver early in the evening on Friday with an hour flight from Calgary and thus last night the watering holes of Granville street would have indeed been visited as was illustrated by the floating performance tonight.

    But heh this is what it is all about TANK, TANK, TANK. Leaf fans in Vancouver should have been buying the players drinks left and right to make sure they would tank. After watching that throw up performance, obviously the young lads did have a good time Friday night.

    A huge 4 pointer against that bum of the month club Oiler squad Monday night. The Oilers are just as pathetic as Buffalo.