Leafs Postgame – Sick Burn, Bro


The Calgary Flames really needed a win tonight. While they sit second in the Pacific, they’re barely holding on to a playoff spot. But despite burning the Leafs by a score of 6-2 tonight, the Flames were not tonight’s biggest winners.

No, that honour belongs to the Leafs fans who decided to go out and spend their Friday evening with friends, family and loved ones. The fans who thought, “hey, I don’t need to watch the game tonight, I’d rather do pretty much anything else.” They’re the biggest winners tonight.

The Rundown

It was pretty ugly right from the get-go.

Johnny Gaudreau, Drew Shore, Mikael Backlund and Sean Monahan all scored for Calgary in the first period, the latter two coming shorthanded. That’s right – Lance Bouma got a nasty knee out on Brandon Kozun and was ejected from the game, giving Toronto five minutes with the man advantage. The Leafs let the Flames score twice during that span. Richard Panik would tip a Rielly point shot in behind Calgary netminder Jonas Hiller, but the period would end with a 4-1 Flames lead.

In fact, the period was so bad, the Leafs really couldn’t wait to get off the ice.

Calgary’s top line continued to run circles around Toronto’s defenders in the second period. Monahan would score his second of the game, and Jiri Hudler would add another. David Booth would respond for the Leafs, but the game would be pretty much out of reach after forty minutes. Calgary would carry a 6-2 lead into the third.

Both teams would coast to the end, with Toronto and Calgary combining for fifteen shots. Booth potted his second of the game, but that’s as close as the Leafs would get. 6-3’s your final. 

Poor James Reimer. Six goals against on 28 shots, and a .786 save percent average.

Blue Warrior

It’s David Booth, who’s been on a hell of a tear ever since the Leafs didn’t trade him on the March 2nd NHL Trade Deadline. Booth’s two goals this evening extends his point streak to six games, with five goals and two assists over that stretch.

Seriously, you couldn’t have gotten a late pick out of this guy? Bah.

See You Tomorrow

The Leafs will be back at it again, this time with Nazem Kadri, tomorrow night against the Vancouver Canucks. Tune in to CBC at 7:00pm Eastern.

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    • STAN

      Yes really, on the condition he resigns with the team it’s not a trade for his rights. It’s a trade for the player with the contract details worked out beforehand.

      A third may be optimistic but provided he keeps scoring every few games til the end of the year he could come out with 10-15 goals and a decent impression on any teams leading up to the draft that may have missed the play offs or got kicked out early.

  • DoubleDIon

    Just a solid tanking as the buds had us worried by playing close to 500 over the past 10 games. The boys should be at the Roxy on Granville by now with an early game tomorrow. I wonder if Kadri will be with them.

    Peter keep playing Gardiner a lot, in fact 25 minutes would be preferable as the short handed goal that Gardiner set up was truly classic Gardiner. I thought this guy was one of the faster skaters in the league. He has two freaking goals all year. Now some of the old timers will remember uncle Harolds classic line about Inge Hammerstrom being able to go into the corners with a carton of eggs and you never had to worry about the eggs being broken. Trust me Gardiner couldn’t break an egg with his shot.


    • DoubleDIon

      “Tank Leafs Tank.” It worked well for the Oilers right? The losing culture just magically washes off in 3 years?

      Rebuild yes, but never tank my friend.

      • TGT23

        So, because the tank didn’t work in Edmonton we ignore how well it has worked for other organizations?

        Tanking works. You just have to do it right. Drafting a bunch of highly skilled forwards and then not developing or signing any good D or Goalies is not the way to do it.

        Blame crappy management, not the tank.

        • DoubleDIon

          Tanking doesn’t work. Always hold your players accountable to win. You just played a team that did that and drafted well recently. Their rebuild lasted 1 season. Edmonton is at 9. NYI took 8, Florida is still struggling.

          Bottoming out is fine, drafting high is fine, but when you allow your players to play the wrong way because you’re rebuilding it backfires spectacularly.

        • DoubleDIon

          Exactly right T.G. Unfortunately the leafs might be tanking at least a couple of years. With Reilly and a couple of really high picks at key positions i.e. a strong center and another talented defenceman the pillars will be in place to finally rebuild the club.

          So absolutely TANK LEAFS TANK.

  • DoubleDIon

    The pitiful fact of the leafs having only one playoff appearance in the last ten years is often brought up. But some of those years saw the leafs battle down to the wire only to miss out. One of the key reasons that this happened is because M.L.S.E. only cares about cramming in bodies into the Air Canada center 365 days a year. Thus the leafs as usual play the most back to back games in the eastern conference.

    Those 18 back to backs can kill a team as an example St. Louis one of the better teams in the league came into Vancouver boasting of having a 500 record on the second night of their back to back games.

    Yep it costs the leafs 5 to 8 points a year which this team can not afford to lose each year.

    Earlier in the year they played the three California teams 3 games in 4 nights and are doing the same this trip with the two Alberta teams and Vancouver.

    Then again seeing they are tanking too bad it wasn’t 3 nights in a row. Trust me M.L.S.E. would love the idea to get an extra rock concert into the Air Canada. In fact M.L.S.E. is already doing cart wheels as they realize next year is a leap year and Henri Richard will turn 21.


  • STAN

    Mr. Contrarian here. What’s wrong with David Booth? He’s fast, can shoot and comes at a relatively cheap price. He’s twice the player Clarkson ever was and “works” for about a fifth of what DC is still collecting (virtually) from MLSE.

    The Leafs need to keep a few veterans around next season and I choose Booth as one key, especially if/when Kessel, Bozak and maybe JvR are sent packing.

    • DoubleDIon

      Stan, Booth truly marches to a different drummer. He claims to be a very religious individual. But check out his wedding pictures way out in the wild yonder. He has had concussion problems and the general feeling that with all the injuries he has had over the past few years that he is ready to retire and simply go hunting and fishing which he loves with a passion.

      He did the same thing in Vancouver last year as he started scoring in the last 20 games after floating for much of the season. Maybe he has Kesselitis.