LFR8 – Game 68 – Passion – Buf 3, Tor 4 (SO)

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  • Jerkball

    Excellent. Words cannot describe my contempt for this current group of sht stains, noobnis ur the deepest smear, but ur right on, just shut up leafs. This season’s like our own mini fukushima just spewing toxins constantly. Shut up already.

  • Jerkball

    Once you get another 20 years in Steve, you’ll take it for what it is – theatre of the absurd. Then you can laugh at it.

    Of course they beat the Sabres. Remember Gerber’s six wins and Boyd Devereaux’s hattie? It’s what we do.

  • Jerkball

    In lighter news, Columbus now has the same amount of points than the leafs (60) with 2 games in hand and Carolina sits 2 point behind the leafs with 3 games in hand. Realistically it looks as though leafs could drop to 27th overall, but catching Arizona (50 points with 1 game in hand) is probably not gonna happen.

  • Jerkball

    I’m right there with you Steve…all I could think about was that we can’t even tank properly when we are winning in a shootout against sabres…also it’s my birthday on the 12th and wish you a happy birthday and have fun in NY!

  • Jeremy Ian

    I am with you, too, Steve. It’s gross.

    Have a good time in NYC. If you’re anywhere close to central New Jersey, and get a flat tire or want to see an old Ivy League institution, let me know.

  • So next up its a game on Friday The Thirteenth. It seems like the informed fans of both the Flames and Leafs would prefer the Leafs lose. I guess that means the Leafiest thing that could happen is a big Leafs win.

    • just don’t play hiller. the leafs are the only team he’s never beaten (LOL) because of the leafs weird undefeated streak against the ducks. play ramo so we have a chance to lose! i hope colbourne/stajan score on us

  • I hear ya Steve. Exactly how I feel. I just got rid of my cable package because I just don’t care. However, I did see part of the game last night….and when I saw the Bozak tying goal….I just walked away. THIS TEAM CANNOT DO ANYTHING RIGHT! The cruel, but not intended, thing to say is that your frustration with the Leafs in these videos really helps in these tough times. I do hope you continue doing them.