Kadri to Sit for Two More Games

Nazem Kadri made international news this weekend by not showing up on time to a hastily scheduled meeting the morning following a loss. This lead to him being sent home, getting scratched for Monday’s game, and his public acknowledgment of how he was sorry.

This morning Brendan Shanahan, addressed the media in a hallway scrum to let the world know that it goes much deeper than this one incident, and that Kadri will sit for an additional two games.

Without further information I’m sure speculation on Kadri’s issues will dominate the news cycle for the next few days, but if there are personal issues that need to be worked out I hope they are addressed privately and with the full support of the organization.

As for the on ice product, this certainly benefits the Leafs tanking capability as they go up against the Sabres tonight, and could benefit the Flames on Friday as they push for a playoff spot.

This probably commits us to a summer of Kadri trade rumours and the likelihood of this story going away anytime soon is nil, so check TLN for regular updates.

  • Bester27

    Shanahan please fix the problem, but don’t give up on him. Boston gave up on sequin.

    don’t sell the house because a lightbulb burnt out… just buy a new light.

    • Jeremy Ian

      Toronto is a cancer. Naz please demand a trade away from these morons.The display from Shanahan this morning show the desperation of the management to blame anybody but themselves.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Well, this is depressing. Let me see if I can get this right.

    The team stinks; he’s the best center, the position where they are weakest, and has room to grow.

    Under the current management’s rash of poor decisions, he’s been the one subject the most long-lasting trade rumours since the day he joined the club.

    The previous coach went out of his way to pillory the guy.

    On ice, one of the most consistent players all horrible year.

    And now he’s being publicly shamed?

    I am sure that Shanahan had his reasons. Whatever they are, they reflect terribly on the management of this team. No locker room should get so toxic that one of your best young lights should be so disaffected.

    And so the melodrama goes on…. What a farce.

      • Jeremy Ian

        Thanks for paraphrasing exactly what I said.

        And you think with so much dysfunctionality on this team that Kadri’s the one to blame?

        This is so much more than a one player at a time issue.

        I am sitting here watching the Leafs shame themselves playing the Sabres as the first period ends, and this is truly, truly, a lousy team. Confidence is absolutely and totally shot.

        Yup, Naz is to blame!

    • STAN

      YES! The most succinct analysis of this mind-boggling situation.

      In my mind, Jeremy, Shanahan has done nothing but harm to any “reputation” he had (most of which was from his on-ice escapades). He is also showing just how executive management-challenged he is.

      I can’t imagine this happening in the Ken Holland / Mike Babcock world, which Shanahan allegedly wants to emulate.

      But, if the Red Wings DID consider publicly shaming one of their best young players, I’d imagine it would be Babcock doing the media, not the GM and certainly not the President of the company.

      Makes no sense.

  • Jeremy Ian

    There is a history of bad decisions(Shanahan). The day he was drafted he referred to Brian Burke the general manager at the time as “Burkie” his comments over the past couple of years that he compares himself to JT. These comments come from an attitude of self importance and disrespect. There would be a warning sign for me.

  • Jeremy Ian

    It sucks that this is going to dominate the news because I think Shanahan is dealing with this the right way.

    I don’t know if Kadri has leadership potential -he’s to young to tell right now – but he at least needs to be a dependable professional as the Leafs rebuild.

    If we get a bunch of young guys coming in and they see ANY PLAYER just doing their own thing, it’s a bad message.

    • Jeremy Ian

      No problem with making a guy responsible. But did you see the interview. When a guy cannot look directly into the camera when answering a question you know he can t handle the job.Also if you want to be a professional as a company President you don t leave your best employee out to dry. Because know the story is what is the other problems. The leafs are a cancer and I have been a fan for 50 plus years.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Whatver the “issues” really are with Kadri we have to remember that the Maple Leafs organization are his employer. If any of us show up late to work and bring “other” issues into our work place there are consequences. This is only as big as you want it to be. 2 games is not the end of the world, and maybe he needs it for those reasons that are undisclosed to us.

  • Mapleleafs75

    Since there have been no rumours at all this season about Kadri’s lack of maturity or off ice issues from the MSM, I wonder if the issues Shanahan is punishing Kadri for have all come recently. I’m sure I’ve read/heard some people in the MSM state that several players were openly upset about not being traded at the deadline. So, I’m wondering could one of these “upset” players be Kadri and whatever immaturity issues he’s been exhibiting to warrant a suspension, are from him openly showing his displeasure by now acting out. Just wildly speculating, because I find it odd that with the amount of media covering this team on a daily basis, there have been no rumours of Kadri leading up to this point. The MSM really seem as totally surprised by this as the fans.

    • Jeremy Ian

      They just threw the kid under the bus to try and save their jobs.The last 60 days he has been the best leaf by far . The way Shanahan handle this was a joke.

  • Dr.Awesome

    Does shanahan have any kids? I hope not because no person will either learn or gain any respect through public humiliation. This was a matter that should have stayed in the room.

  • TGT23

    The problem I have is that this message is TERRIBLY inconsistent.

    Kadri is to miss THREE games for missing a meeting but you have “star” players who haven’t given a **** in two months and I’m watching them get top line minutes and massive PP time.

    You are publically shaming a player on one end and rewarding one on another.

    I seriously hope this doesn’t end up like Evamder Kane and Shanny trades Nazem away.

    • TGT23

      TG, you and I might have had our disagreements in the past, but damn you are right on with this issue. How come no special milk cartons for missing in action the top line. Here is the key point T.G.management have just totally belittled your soon to be top center as Bozak will likely be traded.

      Now the vulture opposing G.M’s will be stating. well you call him a problem child, an Evander Kane, good luck in trying to get good trade value after you have made him the poster boy for what is wrong with the leafs. Yep as you stated zero sh!t sticks to the captain or Phil or J.V.R. Go figure.

  • Mapleleafs75

    i don’t like this public shaming but obviously drastic steps such as this is are due to some seriously wrong behaviour/issues. my guess is partying/not taking his responsibilities too seriously (horachek mentioned radulov/kostitsyn multiple times in regard to them being healthy scratched in the playoffs due to off-ice partying). whether it’s lateness/”attitude problems”, we don’t know. whatever the case is, it was obviously recurring for a long time. obviously they must have tried fixing the problem in house and maybe it didn’t work and nothing changed so they had to get his attention to show him how serious they are by making it public. kadri has always responded well to criticism/being doubted/challenged. i have no doubt that he will respond well to this set back and mature as he grows older and gains some responsibility. shanahan said multiple times that he wants kadri to be apart of the rebuild and new future core of the team. it’s how he responds to his recurring issues/public humiliation that will determine his future. kadri always needs an extra kick in the a** so hopefully this ends his off-ice problems whatever they are and he matures or else he’s gone.