Stephane Robidas out for the rest of the season

The Toronto Maple Leafs just got a lot younger on paper. According to various reports, the blue and white have opted to shut down 37 year old defenceman Stephane Robidas, to allow him to get surgery performed on his shoulder.

While the Leafs haven’t come out and said that this shoulder issue is related to the injury that he suffered in a late December game against the Philadelphia Flyers, it would be safe to say that there is a connection. At the time, Robidas wrote the injury off as insignificant. “Just a little injury, but it’s nothing,” Robidas told reporters. “No big deal.”

I’m not a physician or privy to exact information on Robidas’ injury, but if he really played for two and a half months before the team felt surgery to be the right option, I’m a little bit concerned. It’s not like Robidas has been particularly good for the team; putting up very poor possession numbers despite being handed extremely favourable matchups, both in terms of competition and in terms of zone situations. He hasn’t been producing points, either. Overall, the Leafs haven’t really benefited from his play.

To make matters worse, Robidas is 37 years old and in year one of a three year contract. The fact that he’s on such a contract is already questionable enough, but having an injury prone player play through what seems to be a relatively serious injury? If something happened that made it worse, it could have very well have been career ending. Because Robidas was signed after he turned 35 years old, his cap hit would remain if he decided to retire.

To me, it seems like playing him through this was a high risk, no reward move. Once again, though, I’m not a doctor and I’m not privy to all of the information. This may not be connected to the incident from December at all. Or, if it was, they may have known that there was no risk in playing him through it. Or, it didn’t appear to be that serious until recently.

Either way, he’s done now. The Leafs now will hope that he comes back from it fully recovered, similar to Joffrey Lupul when he had a similar scenario in 2011/12.

  • MatsSundin#13

    his season has been done from day 1. he should’ve retired. dumb leafs deal #12949032184. what a pick up. signing a grandpa to 3 years, 9 million. smart potato and crew! you don’t need to sign an aging, way past his prime defenceman coming off 2 broken legs for veteran leadership when other available veteran defencemen were available if those “intangibles” were so imporatnt. tom gilbert, mark fayne were available for cheap and… can play! stop overpaying for “intangible” bs qualities like leadership/grit/character and start developing skill/talent.

    • MatsSundin#13

      Jay the signing of Robidas is from the maple leaf management blue print book which was written close to 50 years ago. The signing is taken from page 148 section 4, clause C article 2.

      It states con the leaf fan by creating a big stir for training camp by signing that crusty old veteran who has been through all those wars. Emphasize that this new player will be in the hall of fame soon for his brilliant work in the dressing room or in the press box where he will spend considerable time.

      Coming off major injuries is a bonus as the player will be viewed with even more awe as the fans will marvel at his grit and determination to get back into the game.

      Turn to page 204 to see what the leafs will do this off season to try to pacify the rank and file fans who have come through a season of hell.

      A hint the leafs will once again go out and over pay a free agent well past his prime. He will be paraded as a guy who will be a perfect fit to work with the young kids. He will give the leafs valued new leadership. And so it goes on year after year after year. Nobody has written a better blue print than the leaf ownership.