LFR8 – Game 65 – No Charge – Tor 2, TB 4

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The tank rolls on but you need to at least lose with dignity! Talking about the Brewer-Robidas pairing, Gardiner, and hopefuls for next year.

  • Christina

    Let me give you a little insight on Brewer from someone who watched him suck a majority of the time since the trade deadline in 2011. He plays like he gives a crap when he thinks the team can win. He played amazing the end of 2011 and into the play offs and typically the first two or three weeks of the season. You’ll see flashes of the Brewer that cares when it looks like the team could make it to the Stanley Cup, he’s never won one. You are seeing the same Brewer that didn’t care in Tampa and that’s the reason he got traded to Anaheim, we finally had depth down in Syracuse that was ready for NHL ice time. You are seeing the Brewer who was shown what the fans think of him on Twitter by, I believe, Coach Cooper, because nothing else was getting through to him. I felt bad for the Leafs when they acquired Brewer because I knew he wouldn’t help you at all.

      • Poluza

        Absolutely right Reilly. Towards the bitter end we should give some of the core guys a rest and put the line up that gives us the best chance of losing which of course is losing. Sure the top two will be a toss of the roulette wheel but let us try to at least get the third pick. The club hasn’t done too much right in recent years so let us TANK properly.

        Mind you on the giving some of the core guys a rest, some would argue they have been resting all season. You are starting to win me over with Gardiner. He needs a veteran partner who could cover up his mistakes as the offensive talent is indeed there.

        • TGT23

          It’s funny you say that, I’m kind of beginning to lean the other way with Gardiner.

          I just don’t know if he can be an NHL defensemen. I hope I’m wrong but like Steve says, he just isn’t physical enough and as you’ve pointed out in the past, his slapper is weak.

          I’m wondering if maybe they should consider moving him to RW and trying a JVR-Kadri-Gardiner line.

          His physical abilities cannot be denied. Smooth skating, good puck control, his offensive upside is there… Maybe an offensive forward who can be trusted to back check? Worth a shot with 17 games left.

          • TGT23

            huh? gardiner is the most improved player under horachek. under carlyle, gardiner was making highlight reels for dumbest peewee mistakes with waving sticks. as soon as he was fired, he’s been unnoticed (this is a good thing. little-no mistakes made). he has the highest corsi for under horachek well above 60% which is miraculous because this team is garbage and has been losing non-stop. basically, the team has the puck over 60% of the time with him on the ice. he’s been great on the top line and the puck is barely in the defensive zone whenever he’s on the ice similar to rielly. he’s even been putting up a few points every once in a while under horachek and getting his confidence back. i think he’s a solid top 4 defenceman with the right partner to calm him down and play a more “defensive” game. maybe percy in the future. they should’ve tried gardiner-franson when phaneuf was injured but that would ruin the tank. if anyone is bad it’s anyone not named rielly/phanuef. robidas/holzer/granberg/brewer/erixon are/were a catastrophe/tanking masterpiece.