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  • Dan

    The lack of editing made this LFR so much more honest. Nothing against you editing your videos, but this was extra cool because of how candid it was. Great job man.

  • Poluza

    I really appreciated your honesty in this video, Steve. I think the “identity” of the MSM in Toronto has a long way to go before it is seen in a positive light. I know that there are plenty of great writers who don’t warp quotes for a story. That’s probably the vast majority. But those writers who write the slam pieces are probably equally to blame for keeping NHL free agents away as the Leafs themselves. I’m so sick of the ones with the radical opinions getting to most airtime just because their story was the most “buzz-worthy” that day. It’s unfair that the fans have to listen to Kessel being vilified rather than the amazing story of Al Montoya last night.

  • Shiner

    One of the better LFR’s. I liked the honest take on the Kessel situation and it does paint the bigger picture. The media can get away with murder, but as soon as you push back, you become an enemy #1 in their eyes. They right pieces to get hits and get attention, and have this BS holier than thou attitude towards all non-writers. As if they have some knowledge that supersedes the players they cover and the fans they write for. All anyone has done this year is trash the team, trash Phil, trash Dion.. it gets old. Yes they are having a bad year, but it gets to a breaking point where enough is enough. The Toronto media plays a huge role in why guys don’t want to sign with this team. Instead of directing the anger at guys like Nonis (one of the architects of this team), they get take their anger out on the players. That is the equivalent of an real architect designing a building with major foundation flaws, and then getting pissed at the builders when the building collapses.

  • Dan

    To me that game was indeed the Al Montoya show. He was that knight in the Monty Python movie who has an arm cut off, he still keeps coming, the other arm is hacked away, that doesn’t stop this courageous individual in shining armour. Nosiree. There go his legs, but he won’t stop he is that 30lb. ravishing Wolverine that will take on a pack of wolves.

    Yep a goalie obviously who should not have been out there, risking the chance of further injuring himself, but get this DOING IT FOR THE TEAM. Now simply compare that heroic effort to Phil Kessel. You don’t think every guy on that Panther team was patting Montoya on the helmet. He has obviously has total respect in that dressing room.

    Now Steve I get there are good guys and bad guys in all aspects of life including the media.

    We hear from the players and management at times that it is the media’s fault. Guess what they are right some times. Case in point is that as soon as a player steps on the ice wearing that blue and white sweater he is glorified by a large percentage of the media as being a much better player than he really is.

    Look you got a gazillion reporters and journalists in the big smoke. It is a tough job and there are journalists who will try to get as close to the leaf management as possible. They to put it bluntly become lap poodles given a tasty morsel of news if they wag their tail.

    Burkie was a master at this tactic. But he was also a master of having his whipping boys, or as he so succintly would put it those media people are scum, maggots and words that I can’t print in here.

    It is the perfect scenario as it takes a hell of a lot of pressure off management and a guy like Phil Kessel.

    Here is the question I would throw to Phil Kessel.

    Phil the Montreal Canadian’s Max Pacioretty a fellow American has been scoring goals at a similar rate to you.

    Before the season started he stated that he felt a responsibility to his team mates and especially the younger ones to exemplify what a winning team does. Namely work extremely hard, play a 200 foot game to set an example. Plus continue to strive to improve.

    Phil is there any particular reason you don’t want to do this. After all in your state of the union address you simply explained that Randy Carlyle gave you a long leash that would enable you to float more. That the 200 foot game isn’t a major priority. So Phil what type of example do you think that presents to the young leaf players. Just asking Phil, Just asking.

    No need to go into a snit and denounce the question. Just ask it honestly Phil, it is as simple as that.

    • Dan

      That question is stupid. It is a backhanded complement, and basically trashing the guy, and yet you expect an honest answer? That is the same line of questioning that got the one reporter called an idiot. Basically you rip him for not playing a two-way game, and then expect him to elaborate on it. It isn’t his game to play that way, just like Ovi doesn’t play a two-way game. But they surround Ovi with a lot of pieces that fit his game, meanwhile Kessel is expected to turn water into wine.

    • Shiner

      “Yep a goalie obviously who should not have been out there, risking the chance of further injuring himself, but get this DOING IT FOR THE TEAM. Now simply compare that heroic effort to Phil Kessel.”

      Wait wait. Is this the same Phil Kessel that never misses a game and whom everyone suspects is playing injured pretty much ALL the time?

      • Shiner

        Yes, yes the same Phil Kessel who avoids the tough areas around the net. The same Phil Kessel who will allow an icing call rather than take a hit. The same Phil Kessel who refuses to throw a check. The same Phil Kessel who floats around the blue line while his two linemates struggle to get the puck out of their zone. YEAH THAT PHIL KESSEL. Obviously an appointment to the optometrist should be a high priority for you. Btw Phil asked that you bring home a quart of milk and loaf of bread.

        • Bester27

          Cute monicker which Phil will never have to worry about as when the physical going gets tough Kessel will never worried about getting a shiner as he shys away and floats.

  • Dan

    When Gretzky threw himself in front of the media bus in Salt Lake & made himself the target instead of his players, that was leadership.

    So what is it when Phil Kessel does *exactly the same thing?*

  • Shiner

    First thing is I’ve read and watched almost every post on this site for three years now. I have never commented until now. Mr. Dangle this is great work. I got chills watching this video; finally someone who isn’t afraid to put blame where blame is due. Phil’s statement was long overdue and perhaps shows a side of him that makes one want to keep him around.