Who The Leafs Fanbase Wants Traded

Last night, I headed to Pearson Airport. No, I wasn’t traded to a different blog on the Network (yet). My Nonna was coming home on an Alitalia flight after spending a few months in Italy, so we felt like picking her up was probably a good idea. Unfortunately, her flight was delayed, so we were there for an hour longer than planned.

What does this have to do with the deadline? Nothing. But while I was waiting, I asked Twitter who was on their trade list. Here were the results.

Quantity, Baby


It looks like most people want the Leafs to be at least somewhat active today. I’m willing to be a lot of these 59 (!!) responses are people who just sent in the very first person that came to mind, and probably had a few others too. The typical heat-range is the three to five area; a tough but attainable task. I don’t think the Leafs will trade ten players, but there are people hoping.

The Goners


Tyler Bozak leads the list of the most requested, rather fittingly finding himself on 42 of 59 people’s lists. That’s 71% of people, which might even be higher if you assume that some of the single-person people did so in error. I’m not surprised; his value probably won’t get much higher, and he’s likely the top centre on the market at the moment.

Trailing him in second place is Joffrey Lupul (34), with Roman Polak rounding out the top three with 21 resposnes. Overall, these votes make a lot of sense, though I don’t know why somebody voted to try to flip Nathan Horton.

My personal favourite statistic? Not a lot of people are sold on trading Phil Kessel, despite the speculation. Just 6% of respondents had him on their list.

Who is on your list? How accurately do you think this list portrays what will happen today? Leave a comment with your thoughts.