Leafs Trade Olli Jokinen to the St. Louis Blues For Lindstrom, Conditional Sixth Round Pick

We were told this would happen, but it’s still a little surprising.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded Olli Jokinen to the St. Louis Blues for a late draft pick. We’re still not exactly sure what the pick is, but TSN’s Darren Dreger tells us it is a conditional one.


According to Johnston, the pick could become as high as a fourth round pick is the Blues reach the Stanley Cup Finals.


It looks like the veteran centre Joakim Lindstrom is heading to Toronto along with that conditional sixth-round draft pick.  Lindstrom, a pending UFA, is 31-years old and has scored three goals and three assists this season in 34 games. 

After being a point-per-game player in the SHL over the past four seasons (including a brief stint in Colorado where he wasn’t PPG), Lindstrom again tried to make an impression in the NHL this season. This is likely a roster spot/cap consideration move, and Lindstrom probably doesn’t fit into the Leafs’ long term plans.

Thank You Olli

Jokinen was acquired by the Leafs only a couple weeks ago from the Nashville Predators in the Cody Franson/Mike Santorelli deal. As soon as the deal was made, Dave Nonis told reporters that they would look to move Jokinen back to a playoff-bound team before the deadline. He came through on his promise.

Good thing, because Olli was apparently kind of pissed.

Jokinen is a pending unrestricted free agent and was owed $2.5M this season. The Leafs won’t be retaining any of it.

The Olli Jokinen Era in Toronto was a memorable one. In six games played, Jokinen contributed with one assist. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Olli.

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Great; now we move on. Put Holland back on the 3rd line and let him show what he’s worth. Management needs to focus on their roster to assess what to do at the end of June.

    Holzer might have gone too, if not for the injury.

    But realistically, this is about as much as we could have hoped for given the cap situations.

  • CMpuck

    Take all that Clarskon good will and flush it down the toilet, classic MLSE.

    Let’s backward rationalize as Leaf fans and pretend this day was a win. Now extend Bernier and Kadri and you’re not getting draft picks on draft day without paying three times compared to today. Ice the same 6-10th place garbage.

    The ‘progress’ of this management team is that we’re not signing bad UFA contracts and we’re not trading our picks. That is the limit, no being proactive beyond that.

    Another reminder of just how bare minimum and uncreative the Leafs remain. Sit adrift, no direction.

    Now tell me how thankful I should be CBJ bailed Nonis out. Nonis is inept.

    • CMpuck

      So…the Leafs should have traded Kessel, Phaneuf, Bernier, Kadri, Gardiner, and Lupul? Yeah, that would be impossible. Trading these players now would not be putting the Leafsin a favorable position. No playoff teams can afford them. Therefore, the Leafs would have to retain salary (terrible idea) or take a bad contract back (terrible idea also) if they wanted to get a deal for any of these players. At the draft or during free agency would be a much more optimal time to trade Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul, ect…

      • CMpuck

        Leafs are ‘rebuilding’ going into a deep draft and what elven 1st round picks traded?

        Leafs have core pieces to move and can’t get picks when scrubs like Vermette land a 1st+???

        Show me the change in this organization.

        Point to it. More management change over? Dubas is proving as do nothing as Nonuts.

        • CMpuck

          Scrubs like Vermette don’t carry nearly the same cap hit as players such as Kessel and Phaneuf, it’s not even comparable. The Leafs are fine and are doing the right thing. Trading these “core” players today would have been idiotic.

          • CMpuck

            Thanks I don’t understand how cap hits work.

            Leafs could have retained salary on a deal, if this is truly a rebuild what is the harm of a couple dead million in the cap space for a few years?

            Would save Toronto from making another Finger, Komisarek, Clarkson deal they’ll surely waste it on away.

            Or they could have taken a contract back, they’ll need scrubs during their ‘rebuild’.

            But again, not willing to make any significant changes.

            POINT OUT THE CHANGE IN THIS ORGANIZATION. You missed that the last time, thought I’d make it easier for you.

          • Leafs could have only retained salary one one more deal (three max, already retaining on Gunnarsson and Winnik).

            Plus, you don’t want to retain salary on a longterm deal like Phaneuf or Kessel. That would be insane. Avoid that at all costs.

          • CMpuck

            Again I know that, didn’t say trade everyone but how about one significant trade.

            What good is cap room in a rebuild? So Leafs to ignore the big picture.

            Hell eat half of Lupul’s deal over the next three year and get a damn pick.

            Show me the change in this orga…. never mind Go Leafs Go cause @LeafsNation

          • CMpuck

            Picks/prospects are more valuable on draft day than the deadline. How does anyone expect better deals to be found at the draft?

            Draft day deals don’t help a tank in for a generational draft. More of the blind leading the blind.


            No change in this organization, let’s bury our heads in the sand and pretend things will change.

            It’s not like I’ve wrong about this team at any point of this season.

          • CMpuck

            The change is that they are making smart decisions. Believe me, that Clarkson trade would have never happened a few years ago. The Leafs would not have signed Santo and Winnik to one year contracts a few years ago. The difference is good asset management, a foreign concept to the Leafs until recently.

          • CMpuck

            Once upon a time, well a couple of years ago to be precise the leafs went out and made the horrific deal for Clarkson. Only a couple of other G.M.’s would have made a deal as stupid as that.

            Now you are praising Nonis for cleaning up the carpet at a friends’s house after he barfed all over it.

            To top it off despite the newbie kid Dubas and a gaggle of management it was Columbus who approached the leafs to get rid of Horton.

            Please answer the question of whether you think it is good management to have the architects of disaster in the leafs drafting over the last several seasons still scouting for leaf management this season.

          • CMpuck

            To be perfectly honest with you, I have not been disappointed by any of the Leafs picks in the last three years except for Gauthier. The biggest problem in the Leafs system is development. The draft is a crap shoot for the most part. If you are picking a player in the first two rounds, you should be able to develop them to become a good roster player. That element has been missing from the Leafs’ system for a long time.

            P.S. If you are not praising Nonis for getting rid of Clarkson’s contract, something is seriously wrong. What the Leafs have gotten for their traded away players thus far has highly satisfied me. Leafs management has done a good job.

          • CMpuck

            Obviously Reilly was a solid pick for the leafs but it has been the track record in the later rounds over the past several years that has really hurt the leafs. That is why I strongly suggest a smart management would simply throw the likes of Morrison and company over the top rope for their incompetence.

            You brought up a really good point in the development aspect regarding the leafs. A team like Detroit would keep Nylander down on the farm for another year but you know and I know that Nylander will be a major player in the leafs marketing game next year as they rush the kid like most of the first rounders they have in the past.

            You think things are a mess this year, poor Nylander will be skating into a quagmire.

            As I’ve said in the past I’ve studied the leaf blue print going on six decades. Like you I’m looking for a new one modelled after the wings or some of the other successful teams in the league today.

          • CMpuck

            You make some fair points. I seriously doubt that the Leafs will be dumb enough to bring Nylander up prematurely though. They’ve shown some patience with the likes of Brown and Leivo so far so I have faith they’ll do the same thing with Nylander.

          • CMpuck

            What are you talking about they traded McCabe, they tried to Kubina but somehow that stiff had a NMC, they buried Finger, they traded Beachemin, they buried Connolly, they bought out Komisarek, luckily they traded Clarkson.

            You they won’t do it again? If the Leafs were anywhere near the playoff they piss away their 1st round pick for a rental liked they tried to with Vanek last year and tried to with Kipprusoff the year before that…

            This organization will pretend that shipping off some scrub pending UFAs for average picks is progress? 10 other teams not did better than Toronto this month.

            If the Leafs were in 10th place they would have extended Franson like they’re going to extend Kadri and keep sucking.

            MSLE smart? Yay.

          • CMpuck

            Ok, first off, you are contradicting yourself. You asked me to explain the change in Leafs management so I did and then you tried to use counterexamples from several years ago to show that Leafs management is stupid? I am talking about Leafs management NOW, not from several years ago (thus, the reference to change). And no, if the Leafs were near the playoffs, they would not give away 1st round picks for rentals. There is an important concept called a rumor. Often rumors are not true. There is no evidence to suggest that Vanek to Toronto was any more backed up than any of the other rumors that TSN and other “sources” produce. Let’s just say it was more than just a rumor though. Do you remember what Montreal gave up for Vanek? I believe it was a second and a mediocre prospect. If the Leafs got outbid for Vanek, that means they were offering less, not a 1st rounder.

            Again, like I said before, trading away the core pieces today would have been stupid because the Leafs would have had to retain salary long-term (dumb) or take back a bad contract which would totally contradict the purpose of trading away the players in the first place.

          • CMpuck

            Dude, it’s documented Garth Snow turned down a better offer from Toronto because he refused to retain salary for Vanek. This is the best Leaf Nation offers? A troll?

            Same garbage core, same Titanic.

            Contradicting myself? I’ve been tank nation from game one of the season and saying sell high during a the Leafs bs 12 game unbeaten streak. Losers like Dubas sit and ‘evaluate’/do nothing.

            Trading Santorelli is real change? Ok bud.

          • CMpuck

            Look, I’m not saying sticking with this core is the thing to do. Leafs management doesn’t think that either. All I was saying is that it would have been stupid to do it all hastily today. I listed reasons in the other comments. You were contradicting yourself by the way just not in the way you thought I was referring to. Go back and actually read my previous comment carefully. I also never suggested that trading Santorelli is a real change, just the method by which Leafs management is going about doing things. I am glad they did not go full fire sale today. There is room for that in the off season.

          • CMpuck

            Ok, think about it this way. If the Leafs offered better, why would Snow turn that down? Didn’t want to retain salary you say? Well, considering it was a one year contract and the Islanders were far out of the playoffs I highly doubt that.

          • CMpuck

            It happened, Nonis is on the record saying he offered better than Bergevin, it’s common knowledge, it was reported on Sportsnet, TSN…..

            Why am I talk to you? You’re either a troll or completely uninformed.

          • TGT23

            Ok sure, let’s just say it’s on record that Nonis offered better. You neglected to answer my previous question of why Snow would turn down that better offer because retention of salary was irrelevant at that point so that argument is not very convincing.

            P.S. Considering the number of trashes you have, I would say you are the troll.

          • CMpuck

            Ok, logic seems to be a foreign concept to you. If Snow couldn’t retain salary on the deal, that means it was never going to happen so why are we even talking about it? Your argument is totally irrelevant because you are trying to say that Nonis is stupid for offering a 1st for Vanek but if there was going to be salary retention involved in that deal, it would not have been possible for Snow and therefore your argument is idiotic. We are getting off topic though. The point is that Leafs management is doing things correctly now, something which you have tried, and failed to refute.

          • CMpuck

            You’re going to lecture me on logic? It’s reality, look it up ask a Leaf fan.

            You dense troll, FACTS = LOGIC, DENYING FACT = ILLOGICAL.

            Up to speed yet short bus?

            Nonis has done a lot of idiotic things, in this case Snow (also someone that has done dumb things) save the Leafs from Nonis’ stupidity.

          • CMpuck

            Sorry man, but I never denied any facts. I just said that Nonis did not offer a better deal for Vanek than Bergevin. As a GM if you have multiple offers coming in from other teams on a certain player you take the best offer (duh). Snow took Bergevin’s offer so it was therefore the better option for the Islanders. Don’t make the argument that it was Snow’s idiocy, you sound like a child trying to say he is better than an NHL GM. As for the fact that Nonis has done a lot of idiotic things, great, I don’t care at all. You alluded to the concept of change in the methodology for Leafs management (this is what the entire argument has been about). Nobody cares how Leafs management did things in the past. The present is what matters and the method by which Leafs management operates NOW is what matters. Your “argument” is totally irrelevant. The methodology has changed and we will wait until the off season to see the major changes in player personnel.

        • TGT23

          C.M. you are another person in here who is just upsetting people by pointing out the facts. The bottom line for M.L.S.E. was to get some extra mid round draft picks an extra first round pick. Yep the leafs have two with one possibly being a franchise player with the other being a late first round pick.

          The question I would throw out C.M. is how confident are the people in here having the same architects of disaster doing the scouting once again. Check Morrison, Watt and Penney’s draft selections over the past several years.

          Sooner or later the media in this town and the majority of the fans are going to have to accept that they are not going to get back in a trade what they think the likes of Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul, Bernier, Bozak etc. are worth. The real worth of these players will be decided by the other 29 G.M.’s

          But heh the leafs are truly number one in over rating their product on the ice. Seven playoff games in the last decade is all one has to know to realize that their calculations on the worth of the leaf team is indeed way too high.

          • CMpuck

            Yeah, noticed I can get 15 thumbs down but no one can put up a counter point?

            You know the score, we’re in the heart of fanboy central that thinks the Leafs just need to play Kessel with Kadri to become a contender, that Carlyle was holding this monster roster back and that Horachek’s system would save them.

            Smart marks eh?

    • TGT23

      Nazem Kadri is 24 years old, why in the world WOULDN’T you want to resign him? A highly skilled offensively gifted Center who is still incredibly young and developing… But yeah, don’t need those in a rebuild.

      You talk as if every player on the team, even the young and developing ones, needed to be traded by the deadline or the rebuild could never work.

      That makes absolutely no sense.

      The team didn’t remain adrift, they didn’t remain without direction, they moved most of the UFA contracts days ago and moved the rest at the deadline.

      They traded all of the UFA’s, got 5 picks and a pretty good prospect, and also got out from under a terrible contract. You can thank CBJ for bailing them out, but the fact is, they are out.

      You have to be incredibly short sighted to think that the team HAD to trade every player they have by the deadline.

      Firstly, You don’t eat salary if you don’t have to. And the Leafs didn’t have to. Waiting a few months could end up in a better trade down the road. Patience isn’t a management flaw, it’s an asset. One you don’t seem to have.

      Seriously, aren’t you sick of them paying players not to play for them? Buyouts and eating salary every step and not getting much back still?

      Example: Detroit wanted the Leafs to eat 2M AND take on Stephen Weiss… Surely it was better they didn’t eat 2M+ per year for 6 years of Dion’s deal, and ONLY get Weiss and maybe an average pick back, wasn’t it?

      So, they keep the players for a few more months and trade them at the draft, or in the off-season. They can get 1st Round picks next year, too. That’ll likely be a pretty damn good draft.

      Secondly, you seem to want the rebuild to involve tearing it down to the studs and build it back up in one season… And that just isn’t feasible.

      Yes, it is a “generational” draft… And everyone knows it. Answer me this;

      -You’d have traded Kadri to get a 1st? Sell a mostly developed, young player to get a completely undeveloped player?

      -Was anyone offering 1st Round picks for Bozak, Kessel, or Dion? Was Detroit offering 1st round picks? I don’t know, do you?

      -What makes you think there was a market to get a slew of 1st round picks for the players the Leafs were trading? And what if the only way to get a 1st for Lupul, Kessel, or Dion was to retain salary? You can only retain one of their salaries so who do you trade and what do you do with the others?

      It took even the great teams (Chicago, Pittsburgh, LAK) YEARS of drafting and losing to rebuild, so why must Leaf fans panic that the team didn’t accomplish it in one?

      Intelligent Leaf fans understand that this isn’t going to be a one day deal. This isn’t a flash fire, it is a slow burn.

      Show a bit of patience. It is better the team show patience right now than make bad moves just to make them.

      Leaf fans, the smart ones, know this. We don’t blindly trust the management of the team but we’ve seen enough to give Shanny, Hunter, and Dubis a chance. We’re patient enough to let them present the finished product before judging it.

      If you can’t wait 3-5 months to see what they have up their sleeves then that’s you. If you’ve already decided the rebuild is a failure, then pick a new team and stop whining about this one.

  • CMpuck

    Good deal by leafs. I am very interested to hear the conditions on the pick. Making the cup finals is a stretch, we’d be lucky to get that. What are the conditions/games played he needs to meet to get a 5th. Getting a 5th for Jokinen is good value imo. 6th is fine regardless, better then nothing.

    Look forward to a great offseason. The major moves will happen then. The buildup during the draft lottery is going to be insane!!!!

    and ya know what, if we do land mcdavid or eichel, maybe we won’t be in such a rush to move lupul kessel and phaneuf once we get that long term franchise player in place. I’d like to see them move regardless, but getting a franchise player can change everything quickly