Report: Oilers scouting Leafs’ goaltenders

According to Renaud Lavoie of TVA, the Edmonton Oilers want to address their goaltending situation and may be looking to Toronto for help. The Leafs have reportedly been listening to offers on Jonathan Bernier, but according to Dreger they aren’t exactly shopping the pending restricted free agent, so James Reimer could be in play here as well. 

The trade deadline is just twenty-four hours away, so this type of news is everywhere, but there probably isn’t too much urgency to get something done given both teams are well out of the playoff picture and could bring talks into the summer. 

With the Leafs in full fire-sale mode and looking at a potentially long rebuild, basically every name on the roster seems to be surfacing as a potential trade piece. It wouldn’t be a big surprise to see the team move out a goaltender, but the question on everyone’s mind, of course, is which one goes. 

Perhaps the organization doesn’t feel like committing to an expensive multi-year deal with Bernier while they’re in this sort of transition mode, and may go back to Reimer, who has shown to be a sensible option in the past. If they go the other way and make Bernier the guy long term, Reimer will likely be shipped out before opening night next season. Either way, with all these rumblings, it’s starting to feel like the scene between the pipes is going to look different in the coming months. Maybe sooner. 

  • Jeremy Ian

    I’ve believed more and more that an idea of a trade centred around Phaneuf and Reimer to Edmonton for Yakupov will happen.

    Edmonton was rumoured to want Phaneuf and need defensive help and goaltending. Reimer will eventually be pushed out the door and alone holds almost no value, as most goalie trades never benefit the seller (Bishop, Bobrovsky, Bernier, Anderson, Dubnyk, Luongo to name a few).

    I doubt Edmonton will trade RHN, Hall or Eberle so something has to give. Yakupov seems like the odd man out. Maybe Bozak is also in that trade and other pieces from Edmonton. I just have a feeling.