Leafs Post Game: Four past, fourth last


I’m starting to suspect that this team is never going to win a game on the road ever again. That’s probably a coincidence more than anything, but still, tonight’s loss now makes it so Toronto will have road wins in no more than two of the first nine months of this calendar year. Heck, with only two road games in April and this team likely to sell, sell, sell by Monday, it’ll probably be one of nine.

Needless to say, don’t travel with the team, you’ll leave disappointed. Like the guy who threw his Kessel jersey after Toronto’s 4-0 loss to the Habs.

The Rundown

Do you even care what happened in this game? Does anybody? Okay, let’s assume that this is still interesting and not at all just us going through the motions.

Manny Malholtra opens the scoring in this game exactly five minutes in. A giveaway from Joffrey Lupul gave Dale Weise a break, and he turned that into the drop pass for his teammate. You can’t help but feel good for him, knowing his story as both a veteran and someone coming back from a traumatic injury, so seeing him score his first of the year is nice.

Tomas Plekanec scoring his nineteenth, however, I could do without. In this one, Dion Phaneuf is about to get a penalty and the Leafs just need to touch the puck to start the penalty kill. They don’t ever get the chance, though. Andrei Markov uses excellent vision to find a streaking Plekanec, who is left wide open as he sails through Phaneuf and Korbinian Holzer. A firm snapshot was all that he needed to beat Bernier mid-blocker.

The third goal, scored early in the third period is a bit more controversial. On one hand, Brendan Gallagher should have absolutely been called for goaltender interference, but on the other hand, he some how managed to fend off Joffrey Lupul, Dion Phaneuf, and Roman Polak, who all have about three hundred inches and pounds on him. In any event David Desharnais picked up the loose change on this one, and also added an empty netter in the closing minutes.

Blue Warrior

Olli Jokinen, for coming to the conclusion that both he and Sergei Gonchar were “too old for this” when the teams started pushing and shoving in the game’s latter half. I don’t have anything positive to say about most of this team, but that was hilarious.


  • Twenty seventh! The Panthers, Hurricanes, and Devils won tonight, which is all very good for the tank.
  • Who cares. Toronto continues this tire fire of a winter tomorrow night against the Capitals.

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  • TGT23

    Jeff you know what happens when you don’t cheer lead for the buds in here. You’ve really upset some people tonight by telling the truth. It was painful to watch but the tank is indeed in full force and yes this club is quite capable of not winning another road game.

    The broadcast was about as homerish as you possibly could get. They truly invoked memories of Red Fisher and Dick Irvin Jr. at their worse.

    Good to see Peter throw in some comedy by pulling the goalie. It truly was a Washington General move. Ten more road games as the club sinks lower and lower for the all important tanking to enable the club to try to get one of the two top picks.

    Interesting point about the fan sacrificing his Kessel sweater, it probably floated as it fell from his hands.

    But on a serious note I guarantee you that for the first time there will be thousands of leaf fans that normally would wear their leaf jersey proudly when the buds come to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver will be finding something more enjoyable to do that night instead of going to the game. Doing the laundry or watching the paint dry will be more relevant activities on March 13,14 and 16th.

    For the first time since Vancouver came into the league in 1970 the scalpers will be taking a bath as no intelligent leaf fan wants to subject himself to the wrath of idiot Canucklehead fans.