Leafs Trade David Clarkson for Nathan Horton

Look at your calendar all you want, but it’s not April 1st. David Clarkson has been traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Nathan Horton.

The Full Terms

So, here’s how this breaks down. The Toronto Maple Leafs give up David Clarkson, who is on year two of a seven year, 36 million dollar, signing-bonus laden contract that delivers a 5.25 million dollar cap hit per year. He’s put up 15 points in 58 games this year, and 26 points in 118 games with the Maple Leafs. Clarkson’s contract has a no-movement clause and the bonus structure makes it difficult to buy out.

Horton is on year two of a seven year contract that pays him $350,000 more over the course of the deal. In the 2013/14 season, Horton put up 19 points in 36 games with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Since then, Horton has suffered through degenerative back issues, that have put his career in jeopardy moving forward.

Neither team will retain any salary in the transaction.

  • jasken

    From bad to worse so now they are pay 6 mil for the next 5 years for someone who may not even play again. But on the brightside got rid of Clarkson contract

  • wheresaldo

    Leafs get rid of Clarkson’s awful contract and can just LTIR Horton for the rest of his deal. Horton’s injury is “career threatening,” they can do what Philly is doing with Pronger/Boston with Savard and put him on LTIR and his contrat doesn’t count towards the cap.

    Good move.

  • acg5151

    What the F*&k is going on!!?!? Clearly dave nonis is playing nhl 15… or taking drugs…

    but he did it to cut down the years from 6 to 5. take a chance at horton, plus if he’s on long term injured reserve it doesn’t count against the cap. (same as philly with pronged and boston with savard).

    Brilliant trade.

  • acg5151


  • acg5151

    The Jackets save 350k and in the process are able to use one roster spot on a player who is probably better than Jared Boll, so that they have one less player to pay on their fourth line, plus if Clarkson figures it out he might even be able to rise higher in the lineup (Doubtful, I know)

    The Leafs can LTIR Horton and don’t care about losing 350k because that’s like chump change to MLSE. So they save money against the cap which gives them cap room for the first time in a while. If Horton somehow recovers, they gain a more useful player than David Clarkson.

    Good move for both sides.

  • wheresaldo

    @lupul4captain actually they are both on nearly identical deals. both end the same year. similar money. i think clarksons more back loaded, horton more front loaded. horton is a year younger.

    deal makes a lot of sense for both teams. We are essentially buying cap space if Horton needs to go on long term IR (we have to pay him, but his salary doesn’t count agains the cap). And Horton has been a more consistant producer over his career w/2 different teams, unlike Clarksons 1.5 good yrs.

    clarkson makes sense for blue jackets because they don’t spend to the cap. They have a team budget & it was being spent on a player who couldn’t play. So now they spend that money on a player who can play. Might not be a great player, but a new beginning, and a tough player who can play on 3rd or 4th line worst case scenario

    • Muji

      Horton won’t retire.

      Even if he can never play again, he’ll just stay “injured”. The benefit to the Leafs is that they’ll continue to keep him on LTIR which keeps his caphit from counting. The benefit to Horton is that he’ll continue to get paid as per his contract. It’s a win-win. Same thing that’s happening with Marc Savard and Chris Pronger.

  • STAN

    Columbus really had little to lose and now have a man with a heartbeat who can give them all the grit that he’s being paid handsomely to contribute.

    Great news for the Leafs capped payroll, especially since the damn cap may actually shrink.

    But PLEASE remember that it was Nonis’s stupidity that got the team into this predicament, which will still cost MLSE $37M dollars for a guy who likely won’t contribute and a former player who barely registered. This, plus the millions MLSE is paying Grabovski and Carlyle (thanks for that inexplicable two year extension Dave!)

    Nive to see T.J. Brennan back, but why did they let hm go in the first place?

    In any other business Nonis would have been fired a long time ago.

  • Nate

    For anyone that’s giv credit to Shanny you’re wrong. This is such a Burke move its not even funny. No is had his hands all over this deal and Shanny with no experience could not pull this off sorry. nonis has just saved his job with this deal. On a side note I like the Brennan signing when Holzer or Polak are gone hopefully both he’ll fit in nice and I hope leafs give him an opportunity. Percy Loov are not ready to come up and Brennan will give them another year for the youth to develop.

    • Muji

      This is not a Nonis move.
      This is not a Shanny move.
      This is not a Burke move (wtf?).

      This is a Jarmo Kekalainen move. It’s been reported that the Blue Jackets approached the Leafs. Not the other way around.

      Jarmo Kekalainen saved the Leafs ass.

    • jasken

      actually this trade was the brilliance of Jarmo Kekalianen (blue jackets gm).
      Brennan sonly here to help the marlies with their push to the playoffs.

      p.s. Don’t steal my thunder, or my name!

  • Muji

    i have never been so happy in my entire existence. i actually sped to the lcbo (which is far from my house) to celebrate. i’ve been drinking for the last 2 hours. forget my responsibilities tomorrow morning!!! shanny, dubas, hunter, pridham, whoever is a legend!

  • jasken

    I dont want to see you people whining about how the Leafs should have had better draft picks. That’s the difference to paying Clarkson his lousy 5 mil and paying Horton his. The fact is they are dressing a more talented player on the ice every night and thus increasing their chances of winning. For a team who claims to be rebuilding acquiring players who will help the team win is a poor way of showing it.

    I could have supported this if they brought up a less talented player to play like McLaren or Orr to fill the gap but they wont they are replacing him with the best possible player that will help them win.

  • Kanuunankuula

    @Muji I might just kiss Jarmo Kekäläinen if I ever meet him (a fellow Finn).

    This morning could not have begun better, maybe if the Leafs lost. Though trolling Flyers so Panthers can leapfrog them is good.