The Steve Dangle Podcast – Feb 24, 2015 – Loser


On this episode, the guys discuss Losergate, the Habs-Ducks trade, Leaf trade talk, and awful jokes.

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  • So what if the Bruins traded Savard’s contract, which helps in the offseason when they need the space. The other salaried player coming back is Eriksson. They do save some cap space and rid Eriksson’s contract next year as well.

    Toronto can afford to make this deal and they sell on Bozak. Eriksson could still play on Toronto next year, NHL proven players will still be needed.

    Eriksson could also still be traded again this season, offseason, or next year to add more pieces to the rebuild.

  • Have not seen Smith-Pelly play a whole lot so am not going to judge him yet, but Sekac was one hell of a good player with a high potential ceiling. As a Habs fan, when I heard that Sekac was traded, it stung, was annoyed with everyone at work after that. Habs fans loved this guy and if not for MT, in my humble opinion, he would probably be still in MTL getting more ice time! I blame MT for this trade, they gave up on him way too fast! I miss the kid already!

  • TGT23

    I find Nick Kypreos talking down to Leaf fans to be just as much of a disgrace. He works for Rogers, which means he basically gets paid by the Leafs, which means him talking down to the fans is not much different than the Leafs talking down to the fans.

    No one wants the Leafs to lose, that is to say no Leaf fans want the Leafs to lose, but we didn’t build this team. We didn’t create the roster. So, this team is going to lose whether we manage to find some small light at the end of the tunnel when it happens or not.

    Has Kyper ever gone out and said Rogers or the Leafs are a disgrace for putting out the product they have and still charging fans $200+ to see games?

    I don’t remember that rant.

  • Meathead25

    I believe the best reaction to @RealKyper’s rant was the 72 yr old guy at the bar beside me who looked up and said, loud enough for the whole bar to hear, “What the f@#$?”