LFR8 – Game 60 – Winningpeg – Wpg 3, Tor 4 (OT)

Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 8.22.34 PM

Just when you thought the Leafs would never win a game again.

  • The Leafs should see a need for their city.
    On National TV the City of Toronto has announced city rinks are being closed.Lack of funds in Canada’s Largest City.If the Leafs can’t make the playoffs, the Management and players might take action. Pay to keep the City rinks open.Some of the players on rest days could help scrape and flood.This would better than signing autographs.Real positive pubic relations. It may even be fun! It looks cold in your city. Best wishes from the west.

  • It’s funny I was actually trekking my buddy after this game that the best move the leafs could make right now was finding Felix potvin and naming him the starting goaltender for the remainder of the season lol