LFR8 – Game 59 – Hurrican’t – Tor 1, Car 2

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The Leafs are losers and so am I.


  • TGT23

    Stevo you know you are an imposter. Lots of leaf fans from day one of this season were on the tank band wagon and then along comes private Stevo , a Johnny come lately who shows his true knowledge of sports by suggesting in his humble opinion Rudy Gay was the Raptors best player. Stevo , Stevo truly, truly you don’t have a clue. But you do have 3 million views which proves that P.T. Barnum did eloquently speak the truth. Yeah, yeah I’m viewing as well. Which obviously puts me in the same category.

    But seriously brush up on the Raptors as suggesting that Rudy Gay was the Raptors best player is mindless. Rudy was the Phil Kessel of the N.B.A. If you don’t understand that well there isn’t much hope is there.

    • TGT23

      Dude, you’re the imposter. Pretending to be a Leaf fan, pretending to understand hockey on some deep level yet completely ignoring facts, stats, analysis, and analytics.

      Rudy Gay, at the time, WAS considered the Raps best player. And your great messiah Ujiri, he was about to blow up the entire team. He had Lowry on a plane to New York in a trade with the Knicks, that’s how much he believed in this team. He wasn’t a visionary, he got INCREDIBLY lucky with how the team turned around. He traded Gay for an entire bench and got so lucky they gelled so quickly.

      Showing your lack of basketball knowledge, too.

      Until you’re willing to educate yourself on facts and stats, just don’t talk. Your generation would be ashamed of you.

      • TGT23

        The Raps traded then captain and starting Guard Jose Calderon and a prospect they were extremely high on (Ed Davis) to get Rudy and you’ll have us believe they didn’t think he was going to be their top player?

        Whether or not he was, he was the focal point of the offense and their top scorer. They ran the offense through him. So Steve isn’t wrong saying he was the Raps top player. They treated him like he was.

        If the Leafs can score like the Raps did when they trade Kessel, Leafs Nation should be exstatic.

        You are obviously a NEW Raptors fan if you can’t even remember the Rudy Gay trade to and from Toronto. Typical bandwagon fan.

    • Jeremy Ian

      You are an impressive narcissist. You have an ability to take interesting, debatable, sets of questions or problems posed by Justin, Steve, or Jeffler and convert an online thread into self-centered exchanges dripping with cheap sarcasm and silly analogies.

      The discussion then pivots away from analysis and evidence — quantitative and qualitative — into your ad hominem opinions about everyone else’s lack of intelligence and your celebration of the virtues of not being able to count.

      Which has the effect of dumbing everything down to your level.

      Can you at least TRY to let the discussion focus on the conversation prompted by someone else? Or get some therapy.

      Now, having said that, the Leafs are looking at selecting in the top 4 of the draft. We have tanked. It’s no longer a strategy.

    • MatsSundin#13

      Hmmm…I’m no basketball aficionado but if Rudy Gay is the Phil Kessel of the NBA, wouldn’t that make him the Raptors best player? Phil Kessel is most certainly still the Leafs best player even in this huge slump.