Video: Dubas notes fan involvement in Leafs’ rebuild

Leafs Assistant GM Kyle Dubas spoke to Sportsnet today about the organizational commitment to “starting from the beginning”, which, in simpler terms, is a rebuild.

Dubas brought up points about fan commitmment to the rebuild, consistency through the organization and a draft process which has been rather weak historically for the Leafs. 

Though the wheels appear to be turning on the rebuild train, it’ll take more than one assistant GM’s interview to truly turn the Leafs organization around. As always, it’ll be an interesting few weeks, months, years, heading forward to see whether Dubas and other members of the Leafs’ management brass are able to back up their plans with a successful team. 

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  • STAN

    If Brendon Shanahan wants to make a real impact on this hapless franchise, he needs to find a way to get Connor McDavid. Period.

    Brian Burke’s lasting legacy, to me, is not his Stanley Cup title with Anaheim, but how he managed to draft the Sedin twins. It was a stroke of genius. To me, that is Burke’s lasting legacy.

    If McDavid is a “generational talent”, as so many pundits claim, it is up to Shanahan to bring him to the world’s most popular hockey team in the biggest and most rabid hockey market on the planet.

    Anything short of that is a failure. Failure to grasp the moment; failure to convince opposing team presidents and GMs that McDavid as a a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs is the best thing for every team in the league and the league as a whole.

    Not to mention renewed enthusiasm in a beaten, teased and tortured Leafs Nation.

    • That’s nice and all, but how exactly can he do that? Save for winning the lottery, I don’t think there is any way to get Connor McDavid.

      I doubt that whoever has the first overall pick would want to move it. And if they did, at what cost? Probably an insanely, unreasonably high one.

    • Poluza

      Stan as usual you have written an intelligent posting, don’t let the crayon crowd trashing you bother you. It is up to the hockey Gods to decide if the leafs do indeed get that number one pick but Edmonton moved to within 7 points of the leafs so 2nd worst in the league is a very obtainable target. Buffalo should lose out for being outer Mongolia.

  • Poluza

    I agreed with the Ferraro segment from today that Hope Smoke transcribed. Basically he noted the importance of having veterans on the roster to “lead by example” while the new younger core develops. If the Leafs are going to go through a full rebuild, they’ll need to keep the spirits up though the dark days of February.

    Otherwise, they’ll be spinning their tires like the Oilers have been.

    So anyways, they need to find a balance between the exodus of roster players for assets, and the maintaining of morale of their new young core players.

    • TGT23

      One of my favorite young players in the NHL is Brandon Saad of Chicago. Going into his draft year, he was thought to be a top five prospect. He ended up falling all the way to the second round – 43rd in 2011. If the 2011 draft were redone, he probably would be top 5.

      One of the things he has going for him is Marian Hossa. The Blackhawks nicknamed him Manchild but now they are calling him MiniHossa. Hossa is still a great player – at age 36. But his influence – just by his presence and example – on the young players in Chicago and in their system is enormous. The Oilers could use a Hossa.

      Leadership is talked about – I am not sure if leadership leads to winning or winning produces good leadership. More likely both. But Chicago has leadership in spades – not only the guys with letters (Toews, Keith and Sharp) but also guys like Hossa and Seabrook. You walk into that dressing room and you know what is expected of you. Just a wonderful situation that I hope we will have in Toronto in about five years.

      Shanahan, Dubas et must stay the course until we get there.

  • Poluza

    I drove a 17 year old grandson today for a job interview. The grandson looks older than Dubas. I highly recommend those who can read in here to take a look at the pension puppet blog site and an outstanding article that hits at the key to the leafs problem over the past 48 years and particularly the past decade, namely the abysmal, horrid, pathetic, disgraceful drafting.

    Now I know there are a couple of kids that get their little maple leaf thongs all tied up in knots in here because they can’t handle the truth.

    But let me ask you a serious question. You work for company A.B.C. Now for the past decade one department in your company has totally failed your company. It has practically bankrupt it, in fact you are the in the final five of worst companies in a field of 30 similar firms.

    You know and I know that your company owner would FIRE those bums that have practically ruined the company.

    So ask your self the very simple question for simpletons. How come the whiz kid Dubas, Mark Hunter or Shanahan haven’t fired Morrison, Penney , Watt and the rest of the abysmal, horrid, pathetic leaf scouting system that have run this team into the ground.

    I’ll tell you why, the bottom line is that Morrison, Penney and Watt all belong to the old boys club and thus are close to the Jerry Jones wannabees of the M.L.S.E. board who are the ones making the decisions.

    Till the ownership gets rid of these absolute losers of scouts the leafs are going NOWHERESVILLE.

    • TGT23

      So, your overlaying theory as to what has been the problem with the Leafs the last however many decades is the old boys club, as you put it, and their inability to draft. Part of that problem being that they are stuck in an old way of thinking and evaluating players capable of succeeding in today’s NHL.

      But in every post you also rail against the younger crowd, analytics, and the new ways of evaluating players and scouting players…

      So, what then is the solution? What is the fix if not found within the old or new ways of thinking and evaluating? Or do you just not care cause you hate the Leafs and everything new you can’t wrap your addled brain around?

      • TGT23

        Actually the solution is bringing in management that actually has a track record of winning. Now I got another home work assignment for you. You might actually enjoy. For a change actually watch a Toronto sports team that plays as a team that has as its G.M. a guy who was voted G.M. of the year. None other than Masai Ujiri.

        Obviously comprehension isn’t your strongest suit. What leaf ownership has done is brought in individuals who have no track record. They might turn out okay or they might be failures. We shall see regarding Hunter and Shanahan.

        Look it just isn’t the leafs that have this compulsion to keep the old boys net work. The Canucks have had some of the same scouts for decades. Right in their own back yard they have the Vancouver Giants who had two talented captains that they didn’t draft. Milan Lucic who went around 50th and Brendan Gallagher 147th.

        I get it that to some of you analytics is the new cure for the leafs. But there are two measurements that you can’t use your little stop watch and that is HEART AND PRIDE. Till the leafs can get rid of floaters and non team guys like Kessel and a guy who has been voted not once but twice by his peers as the most over rated player in the league, Dion Phaneuf you will have serious trouble developing a winning team. As I stated Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan demand a team first mentality and accountability. Not surprisingly the Raptors are 19 games above 500.

        Look you are no different from a Knicks fan, a Chicago Cubs fan etc. Instead of going after the ownership, management and players you childishly put the blame on the mean nasty media or fans who actually don’t live in a deluded dream world but are sick of watching a proud former dynasty become a complete embarrassment.

        Seriously give your head a shake. What do you think the remaining members of those great leaf teams of the 1960’s think of a Kessel a Phaneuf.

        As I’ve stated you have no comprehension of a winning hockey team because you have never lived through a dynasty. I have.

  • TGT23

    Burke had a history of winning as did Carlyle… So wth are you talking about? We did that. It didn’t work.

    You want the team to do something they already have done and seem to forget, as old people do, that they’ve JUST done that.

    You are stuck in the same old way of thinking you claim the scouts are in and you can’t even see it. I pity you.

    Analytics won. The battle is over. So either put that geriatric brain to use and learn advanced stats or just be quiet.