If we aren’t losing, we aren’t trying hard enough…

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  • CMpuck

    I think the Leafs will have a hard time getting into the top lottery position. With some luck, I think they can get to 28th – which will give them an 11.5% chance of getting McDavid. 30 and 29 have 20% and 13.5% probability of the first choice. You can see all the probabilities here:

    I think the biggest move came in 2007 (the first year of the draft lottery) when Chicago, with the fifth worst record and an 8.1% probability of getting the first choice, won the lottery and got Patrick Kane. JVR was the second pick. Although Chicago’s biggest stroke of luck may have come a year earlier when they had the third pick and Pittsburgh and St. Louis both passed on Jonathan Toews. Oops. Maybe not as bad as Michael Jordan getting picked third in the 1984 NBA draft.

  • CMpuck

    I only had to run the draft simulator once for the Leafs to win so, it’s possible.

    Failing that, I’m happy with Strome, Provolov or Kylington. I suppose Hanifin but I’m not sold on him yet.

  • CMpuck

    Another year hoping for a great season GONE. What is wrong with those Maple Laughs players. They don’t seem to care about winning by the tone of their voices when they get interviewed. Each player is responsible for WINNING as aTEAM not about their contracts and getting in to the line ups. WHO cares about individual starts or contracts. please Shanahan bring the TEAM WINNING attitude back to the leafs. I have never seen such professional team not care about TEAM WINNING. All the staff from the office and ice should be ashamed what kind of product they have for this beautiful city of Toronto.

    if this was my brand which it is I am ashamed when I hear players talk about not winning and team first attitude. Everyone in this corporation should be reevaluated and if they don’t fit the winning attitude get rid of them.

    Just because the games are sold out for the next twenty years this doesn’t mean dont change anything. If this was a Ballard curse lets get rid of it, shame on all the staff management of the leaf nation accepting this awful season.

    lets get that winning attitude back. Players enjoy and love this game PLEASE.

    From a disappointed fan for many decades.