Leafs Recall Andrew MacWilliam

As per Leafs twitter, Toronto has recalled Andrew MacWilliam from the Marlies.

Since emergency recalls can only happen for injuries that means one of Rielly, Holzer, Robidas, Gardiner, Polak or Granberg are potentially too banged up to play tomorrow and MacWilliam will make his NHL debut.

So what do we know about MacWilliam? 

Well, we know we won’t be getting any offence from him. He’s another in the series of Marlies stay at home defenders, along the lines of Holzer, Granberg, and Nilsson. Whoever MacWilliam can catch, he’ll probably hit pretty hard. He’s about what you’d expect to see as 10th on the defensive depth chart from the 26th placed team in the league.

He’s also a 24 year old RFA, who the Leafs would probably like to make a decision on whether or not he belongs in the organization after this season. 

Why MacWilliam?

The Leafs have a surplus of right handed shots, so it’s likely that MacWilliam is coming in for another right handed guy. Percy, who is likely the first choice for call up is still hurt, and Nilsson, Loov and Finn are still a little green to throw into a situation where they are going to get shelled.

This is the kind of roster move you have to be excited about heading into a must lose game against Carolina.