Leafs Near Top Among No-Trade Lists

When it comes to rumors surrounding trades and free agency, we often forget the other side of things.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what sort of moves the Leafs want to accomplish.  Sometimes, if the player doesn’t want to come here, deals become dead in the water.  And appanrently, the Leafs are among the least-desirable landing spots for NHL players.

ESPN’s Craig Custance recently polled a number of agents on which teams are most frequently listed on an NHL’s player No-Trade list.  Edmonton was listed as most frequent, Winnipeg second-most frequent, with the Leafs coming in fourth.

Frankly, this should come as little surprise.  The Leafs have been a bad team for a decade now, and it doesn’t help that the market has such an intensive distribution of media.  When you throw in factors like the cold weather and higher income tax rates, this makes Toronto a not-so-appealing destination.  Indeed, the players seem to agree:

From losing, to climate, to media, and in many cases a combination of
all three and more, these places become completely undesirable to an

Check, check, and check.  Well done Toronto!

The best and most (very) recent example comes courtesy of Olli Jokinen.  The veteran forward was none too pleased to be traded from beautiful, warm, and competitive Nashville to the struggling Leafs in the middle of winter’s peak.

Luckily, this shouldn’t be as big of a problem for the Leafs in the immediate future.  With a rebuild comes less player buying and more player selling.  And the Leafs will look to bring more players in through the draft and less in through free agency.  Sorry Brian Burke, but July 1st will no longer be draft day for the Maple Leafs. 

This is the best approach to building a good team regardless, but it’s good that Toronto has some more fuel to support their scorched earth fire.

  • Mpsenicka

    How could this be. We are talking the big smoke, the center of the universe. The leafs have Cliff Fletcher, the biggest gaggle of management in the league. Super star stat geeks with another analysis to fill your yin yang.

    Why wouldn’t anyone want to wear maple leaf pyjamas to bed????

    • jasken

      what’s48yearss why do you even come to this site, or follow this team for that matter. You’re obviously not a real fan and all you’re concerned with doing is spreading negativity. This team, the city and its fans have enough of that. Why don’t you do us fans and yourself a favour and just disappear? Then you won’t be getting yourself all worked up / mad / sad or whatever emotions fuel the drivel you post on here. You talk about all of us wasting our time following this pathetic team. But at least we do it with positivity in mind and a fun nature. You supposedly spend hours a week, watching a team you hate and then you follow it up by positing on sites you deride and put down… Frankly, you come off as the pathetic one. Grow up…

      • MacTwoTimes

        You are right Adam nothing wrong with cheering on a looser for 48 years and it is fun. Awwww Adam I’m sorry you can’t handle the truth. But you just keep a wishing and hoping and praying and who knows the leafs might give you 7 more playoff games in the next decade. It is people like you that M.L.S.E. loves as they know they don’t have to improve their product after all to you it is sooooo much fun.

        Heh look on a serious note I’ve got some ocean front property in Alberta to sell to you.

  • MacTwoTimes

    I hate the fact that hockey at a professional level has come to this point. Players are more concerned with climate and dollar amounts than the crest on their chest (cough* Dave Bolland). Hockey was born of frigid temperatures, comradery and hometown pride. These values seem to be lost on all but a remaining few.

    I’m going to sound like Don Cherry here, but he’s right (and yes, wrong) about a lot of things. We need as many proud Canadians on this team as we can get and I’m not afraid to say it. We need guys with heart, passion and integrity.

    Sure Davey Clarkson isn’t worth 854 million dollars a year, sure he trips over his skates 16 times a game, but dangit he gets back up 17 times and he bleeds blue and white all the while. If we can surround him with people of his own heart that perhaps have a bit more skill and dexterity (lol), we can start building this team from the ground up.

    McDavid would be a nice start don’t you think?

  • jasken

    Would you want to come here I mean think about it seriously. You come here sign a contract knowing full well your going to be blamed for the last 48 years lack of success. You are 20 years old how can you be blamed for something you weren’t even alive for. This is the logical that players see when they come here to play who wants to be blamed for something they had nothing to do with.

    If fans supported them win or lose season in and season out players opinions of coming here to play might actually change and players like Getzlaf or Stamkos or Crosby might again want to come and play for Toronto but until that day comes you get the undesirables, and cast offs of other clubs where players careers need to be rejuvenated, or started or players are just looking to retire.

    The fans and the media here need to change or the players wont ever want to come and play here again.

  • CMpuck

    Was surprised no Montreal, then I reminded myself how much more fun living in Montreal is as a city is compared to the crowded over priced consumer hell of living in Toronto.

  • Jerkball

    Blind alligence equals true fan? Listening to u real fans makes me sick. Moronic righteous douche bags why don’t u stuff ur blow holes with some sausage.

  • Don’t feed the trolls. Adam, it’s pretty clear what’s48years is not a Leafs fan – look at his name and the fact that he trolls these comments sections obsessively.

    I’d be really curious to read a psych study on what mental illness afflicts certain pathetic sports fans who can only feel self-worth by abusing fans of other teams. I’m sure it would be very interesting.

  • As much as we all hated Carlyle, remember what he wanted to do here in Toronto besides just win? He said he wanted this franchise to be respectable again. He sucked at reaching that goal but he saw a city that’s hurting in that regard. Hell, we as fans have come to the point that to deal with this team we cheer on the tanking (myself included) make loser jokes of the Leafs, create HILARIOUS yet damning Leafs videos (thanks, Dangle) just to have something to smile at. So imagine how an outsider views it? It really sucks to be a Leafs fan, the butt of all jokes and I hear it from my Habs friends ALL the time. So in a sense you can understand if this place is undesirable to play at but on the other hand… screw the players that don’t want to be here!! They should be grateful to be in the NHL and have a job that pays extremely well. What is this nonsense about the weather, and the media. If you win here they will treat you like a KING with 10 wives, so go earn it. And besides the point, this teams doesn’t need any patch work players anymore, they need to grow their own gems.