LEAFS POSTGAME: Worst Case Scenario

So, here’s my position on tanking; no matter how bad you’re going to do, you’re going to win a game or two. We’ve seen teams tank so hard that the league has considered stepping in and still win a handful of games. It happens; teams don’t try as hard, bounces go your way, you know the deal. So naturally, I’m in favour of the Leafs losing a bunch but especially in favour of their rare wins coming against the Montreal Canadians. Because, you know, beating the Habs is better than being successful. If you lose, whatever, it’s a big zero points and you move on to the next loss.

Of course, the Leafs found a way to screw that up tonight.

The Rundown

The entirety of this game’s goals came within forty seconds of each other, and they happened quite early to boot. Daniel Winnik opened the scoring with a wide open wrist shot from just above the hashmarks, easily beating Carey Price. Tyler Bozak took a hooking penalty on the next shift, however, which lead to a Habs powerplay, where Brendan Gallagher picked up a loose puck and backhanded it into a more or less wide open net to tie the game.

From then on, it was a pretty even affair that saw both goaltenders play at their best. It dragged past regulation and into overtime, and then eventually into a shootout. While Mike Santorelli was able to convert, Tyler Bozak and James van Reimsdyk couldn’t do the same, which after two goals against, lead to the loss.

Blue Warrior

Gotta go with Jonathan Bernier. That Gallagher goal was a bit of a mad scramble that he can’t be really faulted on, and he looked pretty damn good beyond that.


  • David Clarkson played for what, two or three shifts? If this was the game where he meant tos how his value, he didn’t accomplish anything. He had two fights and injured Sergei Gonchar with a reckless hit. The team didn’t generate anything with him on the ice other than a chip on Montreal’s shoulders.
  • Leading the possession race for the Leafs tonight were Jake Gardiner and Cody Franson. Both gentlemen had sixty percent of the attempted shots go in their favour when they were on the ice.
  • On the other hand, Korbinian Holzer and Stephane Robidas was an unmitigated disaster of a pairing, ending up at about fifteen percent Corsi For. That’s… really bad. Like, significantly below anybody else who didn’t get thrown out of the game after two minutes of ice time.
  • Richard Panik with another point tonight, bringing him to three assists on the year. I’ve never really cared about goal to assist ratios, but if they get out of hand, it looks weird. This brings him closer once again.
  • On the other side of things.. how did PK Subban not get a star tonight? He played nearly 36 minutes and was probably the best skater on either team. Nonsense.
  • The Leafs return to the ice on Tuesday, when they take on the Florida Panthers at the Air Canada Centre.
  • TGT23

    Well I hope everyone is happy?? GO HABS GO,,,,to bad Price isn’t on your side eh?

    But Hey you got the over paid over hype back upGoalie in the net, and he’s showed you all just how great he is how much better he is how he’s worth hid 3 mill these last 2 seasons. how hes gotten you to a play off spot hows hes the starter the number one how he deserve to be your golden boy your so called blue warrior?? how he will be over paid to carry this team forward….

    Again a ik performance better than the last 8 games, but no means great,,,and as I was right another game he couldn’t win the shoot out….I COULD SEE HIM CRAPPING OUT THERE WHEN HE KNEW HE HAD TO GO TO A SHOOT OUT…. oh well …

    again I will say…Bernier is not the guy to start a new team with or rebuild or whatever you go it, he certainly will not be worth the money he will be looking for….

  • Jeremy Ian

    If we trade Franson and maybe even Phaneuf (though I doubt that will happen), we get to look forward to more Robidas-Holzer.

    And once Winnik and Santo are gone, more Clarkson.

    It’s going to be a tough stretch.

    I have mixed feelings about what to do:

    1. Bring up the Marlies — Percy, Granberg, Leivo etc. This is a chance to evaluate what you have in case some prospects need to move in a deal over the summer.

    2. Keep them playing for the Marlies so they get the feeling of playing for a striving team.