LFR8 – Game 56 – Badvent – Tor 2, New York Islanders

Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 2.58.23 PM

Badvent: We’re making it a thing.

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  • CMpuck

    Consistent and quality but if you feel like mixing up the content on a rebuild year(s) go ahead. Maybe do a Saturday Night LFR, having fun with the channel should make for the best content.

    Greedy me just wants pure LFR though.

  • CMpuck

    I enjoy the videos Steve. Don’t stop!

    During a rebuild, at least there could be discussion over specific players and their development a bit more as opposed to looking at the team as a whole as is done now.

    Plus, with a new coach, could focus on new systems in a bit more detail or things like that.

    Just spitballing here!

  • CMpuck


    I’ve been a Rangers fan since ’91, and a Leafs fan since never. But I don’t miss your LFR videos. I would hate to see this go (unless I could interest you in a sizable bribe to do RFR instead).

    It could be worse: you could be a Blueshirts fan from 1997-2004. Highest payroll in the league? Check. Trading youth for over-the-hill players? Affirmative. Massive terrible contracts? Oh yeah. Cruddy drafting? Yep. Playoffs? Not once.

    I could have used a Steve Dangle back then.

    Seriously, you’ve got a gift and your Leaf brothers and sisters need you. Carry on.

  • MacTwoTimes

    I posted this on your podcast thread and I’m gonna post it here too:

    Don’t quit doing the LFRs Steve. I’ve been a Leaf fan since infancy and believe me when I say that we’re all going through the same struggle here. Your videos truly are an escape for the die-hard Leaf fan and to stop making them would crush the hearts of so many in this city.

    We will rise again when we draft Conny McDaveman!

  • MacTwoTimes

    Steve is intelligent enough to realize the same old same old is like flogging a dead horse. One interesting concept would be for Steve to invite a similar character who does rants on the hopeless New York Knicks. Both Steve and that poor soul would have a lot of common material to use.