WWYDW – Healthy Scratching

David Clarkson has been a healthy scratch for two games in a row. Phil Kessel just had one of the worst games of his Toronto Maple Leafs career. Pretty much the entire roster is useless right now, save Morgan Rielly, who is talented and wonderful and will lead us to the promised land. Something must be done. Someone must pay. Someone must… sit in the press box


The Leafs were pretty bad last night against the Rangers Sure, they scored four goals (small miracle), but they gave up five pretty awful ones as well, letting the Blueshirts off easy. As Leafs coach Peter Horachek put it, his players’ “give-a-shit meters” were broken or something.

Since it’s very important to send messages in these situations – texts, tweets, hand-written, or otherwise – Horachek is going to have to scratch somebody. But who does he think he is anyway… a smart guy? No. We’re people sitting at computers on the internet. We are much, much smarter.

So what would you do? Can you really scratch Clarkson again? Would you actually dare commit Kessel to the press box? Does someone else deserve to be sat? Whatever you do, just know… You’re going to hurt someone’s feelings.

Tell me what you’re thinking about in the comments below. Whoever gets the most thumbs up gets to launch Bobby Cappucino out of a cannon. Whoever gets the most thumbs down will have an animated chat with Horachek.