LFR8 – Game 55 – Big Crapple – NYR 5, Tor 4

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 3.27.20 PM

So am I happy about this or sad?

  • CMpuck

    I tuned in at the end of the 2nd, saw the score and got mad at Reimer then say the ticker reading ‘Riemer 27 saves’ then thought oh it’s the rest of the team tonight.

  • Jeremy Ian

    You caught the emotional dilemma square on. It’s the worst. No, the worst is losing for no point. No, the worst is winning for no point….No, wait….

  • Jeremy Ian

    Apathy is what I feel. I can’t believe we’re stuck with another 27 games to watch when we’ve been out of the playoffs over 20 games ago. I don’t even watch the games anymore. I just laugh now because it’s truly hilarious. At least in previous years the collapse happened 2 months later. Oh well. Better draft pick. Happy we’re losing for that top pick especially with every team except the Sabres having games in hand. The coyotes aren’t that far behind us. If the hurricanes/coyotes string together some wins before the trade deadline, we’re in a great position to get a top 3 pick in a very deep draft.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Yes I like Winnik too.

    But it’s all about the rebuild while we purge ourselves of the 2nd version of the Muskoka 5.

    And we can still bid on him when he becomes a free agent……
    (why do teams not resign players they dealt during the trade deadline?-I cannot remember it once happening.-and it would seem to be such a good strategy)

    And how does any team know that when players are in their contract year -how much are “their numbers” being inflated?

    I wonder if there are statistical indicators –
    that if on the contract year of a soon impending free agent player
    if their impressive play and production can be counted on to continue in the future.

    Case and point Mason Raymond.

    but some players like Rick Nash took a couple of years to adjust to a new team before becoming truly
    productive as prior to signing in a new city.

    And one big mystery to me is why fewer and fewer players go to free agency.

    Anyway the first Trade has happened
    Time to stock our farm system and dump some contracts.

    Am I the only one who thinks we should trade Phaneuf and sign Franson!!!

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve. ..I totally agree with your thoughts on Winnick. .I don’t think they.should get rid of Santorelli either he’s one of a few that work for.the puck..and yes scratch Kessel show him who’s boss..Both JVR and Bozak started skating after they bumped Kessel..Rid of Phanuef. .keep Panik and try to make.a.trade for a.big center..Also bring back McClarren. .The softer players would feel safer..and maybe bring back some respect to this team.