TLN Player Power Rankings: Feb 9, 2015

Welcome to week 2 of the The Leafs Nation Player Power Rankings. This week we have the hot new feature of showing you what last week’s rankings were. This makes these legit power rankings now and worthy of your respect. Sadly, no one has been removed from the power rankings do to a trade, but there’s always next week.

1. Morgan Rielly (Last Week: 3)

Thank you Morgan for giving us this moment of pure joy
which will be the only thing I try not to forget from this season.

Phil Kessel (LW: 1)

A goal and an assist this week is good enough to keep Phil
among the top offensive contributors on the Leafs

3. Jake
Gardiner (LW: 9)

His three assists this week might be some evidence that Carlyle
was holding back his offensive game.

4. 2016 7th Round conditional
pick (LW:NR)

Thank you for being the exciting trade we’ve been waiting for. We
will likely never see this pick used by the Leafs but having Tampa take our
garbage away for free is nice too.

5. James Reimer (LW: 4)

Should have had
a shutout on Saturday but it was Leafed up.

Should have had a win on Tuesday,
but well, Leafs are gonna Leaf.

6. Mike Santorelli (LW: 7)

His two goals
last week are really making me really excited for the second round pick he’ll
bring in this week.

7. Nazem Kadri (LW:5)

Another solid week from Nazem, who deserves more respect from Leafs fans. Ironically I still have him 3 spots behind a conditional seventh round pick, so clearly I’m the problem.

8. Cody Franson (LW:8)

After scaring us into thinking
he was hurt, Franson joined in the point party against Edmonton with an assist.
His assist in Nashville was also a nice little showcase piece for all the scouts
in attendance who are desperate to add a right handed defenseman soon.

Peter Holland (LW: 15)

Mr. Holland’s Opus…

10. Richard Panik (LW: 12)

Trading Richard Panik would be a
dick move.

11. Joffrey Lupul (LW:16)

Lupul’s two point night in Nashville
will create a lot of false hope that he can be traded.

And he’s so deep…

A photo posted by Joffrey Lupul (@jlupul) on

12. Tyler
Bozak (LW: 6)

He was the only one who could find the back of the net in New
Jersey. Goals sure are easy when Kessel does the heavy lifting.

Daniel Winnik (LW: 11)

Winnik, much like Santorelli and Lupul deserves credit for
scoring when it matters most, when scouts are watching.

14. Roman
Polak (LW: 13)

We’re to the point in the list where everyone that follows played
worse than Roman Polak this week.

15. David Booth (LW: 20)

David Booth is
proving he can be a versatile forward who can be put on any line and not do too

16. Jonathan Bernier (LW: 10)

It was far from a good week for
Bernier, but as a goaltender on this team he deserves credit for what he has to
put up with.

17. Leo Komarov (LW: 16)

I can’t remember if he played this
week *checks boxscores* Oh, well, I guess he did. He hit some people, I’m sure
that was nice.

18. James van Riemsdyk (LW: 2)

When you are on a line with
Bozak and you were by far the worst player, you’ve probably had a bad

19. Antoine Bibeau (LW: NR)

His NHL ball cap wearing debut deserves

20. Trevor Smith (LW: NR)

At least he
didn’t get scratched against Edmonton.

Falling out:

David Clarkson slides out of the rankings on the strength of Saturday’s healthy scratch.

Stephane Robidas picked up an assist, but shockingly, he didn’t stand out at all.

Petter Granberg assumed his rightful place on the Marlies.

Still Not Making the Cut:

Dion Phaneuf remains injured and Korbinian Holzer remains awful.

  • STAN

    Obviously you’re not actually watching the games. Korbinian Holzer is much better than he was last year; faster, improved passer, making quick decisions (unlike the thickheaded Phaneuf) and makes nifty little plays in his own zone.

    Other than that, I’ll accept your ratings as acceptable, although I’d rank Santorelli higher than sixth.