Is Phil Kessel a Coach Killer?, or “Hey, Look at This Nonsense!”

The Hockey News has released the cover of their upcoming deadline special and, well…

This is going to make people angry in Toronto because it’s kind of lazy, a little uninspired, and a bit of a cheap shot at a player who’s really only ever scored goals and kept his head down. Plus, this whole ‘coach killer’ storyline is like, what… three weeks old?

This is also going to make a lot of people outside Toronto very happy because who doesn’t love it when the Toronto Maple Leafs are skewered by the mainstream media? Not that it doesn’t already happen like, you know, every single day.

Besides all that, what the hell is Kessel doing on the cover of a Trade Deadline publication anyway? The chances of him moving within the next few weeks are slim-to-none. But hey, you know, gotta sell those magazines!

Tell me how this THN magazine cover makes you feel in the comments below.