LFR8 – Game 54 – Mo – Edm 1, Tor 5

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And the Morgan Rielly era has begun.

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  • The only thing sadder than Oilers fans (because we know how terrible our team is) are Leafs fans trying to stick it to Oilers fans. At least we are no longer in denial of how bad our team sucks. You moronic fans are acting like you won the Cup after this meaningless victory against a terrible team who were missing 2 of their top 6 forwards tonight. It should have been like taking candy from a baby, so accomplishing this is really what would be expected from a mediocre team.

    Oh, but I’m sorry, I must have forgotten, the Leafs know all about winning! Let me clarify – winning when there are only 5 other teams in the league to compete with! The last time I checked, the Oilers have won Stanley 5 times since the expansion era, and yes, I am spotting the Leafs a 13 year head start. Hmmm… and the Oilers haven’t been relevant since 1990? You’re right, they haven’t – well, except for that season 9 years ago when they got to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Wouldn’t Leafs fans kill to even be able to say that they blew it in the Cup finals? Oh, that’s right, the Oilers have won the Clarence Campbell Bowl (Western Conference Championship) a record 7 times. The Leafs? Well, they’ve won the Prince of Wales 2 times dating back to the Original 6 era, and none since 1963.

    Which means (I need to summarize frequently for the Leaf fans here, apologies to those who are not intellectually deficient), the Leafs have not been relevant since 1967 in any way, shape or form. My father was 12 in 1967, and now he’s nearing retirement. Any Leaf fan posting here, including Dangle time, would be barely old enough for their parents to have been able to enjoy that victory. At least I can remember the 2005-06 run, I had just completed 1st year medical school, and could actually cheer for the team with pride. I remember this time, which is far more than any Leaf fan can say with a straight face.

    So please, Dangle, and Dangle apologists from the GTA, we don’t need your pity. You folk are like a bunch of newspaper reporters trying to make fun of lumberjacks (http://www.cnbc.com/id/101582641).

    P.S. Enjoy David Clarkson…

        • Kanuunankuula

          No, meaning that I wouldn’t be smug seeing as the only thing that saved you from his contract is Edm’s bad rep. You were willing to sign him, like us, you just failed.

          Ps. How’s that Perron trade?

          • Sarcasm must not be your strong suit… My whole response was to smug leafs fans so I’m allowed to lob it back. You can’t just pick it up halfway into the argument and claim moral superiority.

            And if you are bringing up Perron a) it was a horrible trade but b) any nhl player would see a tremendous upswing in production if they were moved from from the oilers with regular centermen including an 18 year old an ahl veteran and Boyd Gordon to Sidney Crosby on a cup contender. If you are too stupid to understand context that is not my problem.

            The initial comment was in reference to the worst nhl contract in the league with no buyout options, and suggests that I am really glad the oilers couldn’t attract the guy. Our joke of a franchise couldn’t compete with your joke of a franchise and the consolation prize was 7 years and 6 million per year less wasted on a Neanderthal. That’s far better than the loss of Perron, as regrettable as that sounds.

  • Actually I thought Steve was in fine form as the leafs finally won a game. Thank goodness this streak didn’t start in the 28 day month of February as it would indeed have lasted a month Steve even if you threw in leap year.

    I think what might be getting to Toronto sports fans is the realization that Tim Leiwicke actually did one thing right in his tenure as senior gopher for the Jerry Jones wannabees who call all the shots for the Toronto sports teams or have you not noticed the Jays over the past 21 years, or the soccer team or the leafs and their one playoff in a decade.

    What Timmy did was hire a G.M. who had been voted by his peers as G.M. of the year. Yesiree Tim went out and brought in to General manage the Raptors Masai Ujiri who in just over a year has turned the Raptors from a tanking club into the second best team in the eastern conference.

    Now before some unknowledgeable leaf fan parrots the current thought of the east being the least. The powerful Raptors who are 35 and 17. Get that leaf fans, 18 freaking games over 500 are 12 and 7 against the so called powerful west.

    Tonight in a thriller they defeated the defending N.B.A. champion San Antonio Spurs and held them to 82 points by playing solid defence. My goodness the Raptors Corsi and Fenwick and Airwick spray totals must have been astronomical.

    So yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus as the big smoke, the third largest market in North America has a winning team and let me spell this out for leaf fans, who are going to the P L A Y O F F S.

  • wow… a lot of you oilers fans are embarrassing and sad. i understand your team is horrawful. so are the leafs. both have been goddamn terrible for many years but to incessantly rant about people you supposedly hate… damn get a life. at least leafs fan know their team is horrible and laugh about being stuck in mediocrity. some of you oilers fans know your team is horrible, choose to continue watching and viciously attack everyone else. it sucks that your team picks top 3 every year and are still embarrassingly horrific but you need to either quit for your own mental health and be less of a bitter a**hole or just laugh along. for your sake though, it’s better to just quit the team and cheer for someone else/look at another sport. you guys make all oilers fans look so bad jesus. if you hate us so much then why are you posting so much spam on a leafs site/video in long rants. makes no sense. just leave the keyboard alone.

      • why are you still responding? that wasn’t a rant. that was a statement. you however keep responding/ranting like anyone cares what you say. for everyone’s sake, quit the oilers so no one has to encounter your sad rants again.

    • Jeremy Ian

      A few quick pointers

      1) It was posted on both sites simultaneously, how you didn’t figure that out by now is truly baffling.
      2) learn. to use. punctuation correctly. Or. at least try to avoid fragmented or run-on sentences if you want to come onto a site and tell others that they are embarrassing themselves and should “leave the keyboard alone” and pretend that you hate ranting when you are ironically ranting and spamming others and preaching from a soap box and… this one time at band camp…
      3) I am pretty sure my mental health is fine, thanks. I don’t need to resort to swearing to get my point across. I have a good life. I watch hockey because I enjoy the game and have been an Oilers fan all my life. Oilers fans are passionate because they have seen their team be the best in the league and want to be able to cheer for them. I will still enjoy the sport, but it is much more fun to have a team to cheer for. What you have stated here implies more about the fragility of your own mental health than that of Oilers’ fans. Perhaps you and Dangle and co. are so depressed and in denial that you feel that kicking others when they are down will make yourselves feel better about your team’s own horrid state of affairs. Perhaps you should turn to another sport. The Raptors are a far better run franchise at the moment. Maybe that will help you, “yikes,” take your own advice and be less of a bitter….

      • Justice4Tkachev

        While I agree what you are saying, I can’t believe you made a point of proper grammar and wrote that. Hahahahhahha sorry dude, but that was hard on the eyes.

      • lol this is a sports blog, not an university essay. i don’t need to capitalize anything because it’s the internet. i’m not being graded so that statement is stupid. i find my team humorous. i laugh about them everyday and joke about them. i’m far from bitter. i’m not depressed. if i hated my team as much as oilers fans do, i would quit. simple as that. clearly the embarrassment hasn’t convinced you to quit for your own mental health. i simply stated that you should worry about your own team and remain bitter/rude elsewhere because no one cares what you have to be mad about. just because your team is stuck in the basement year after year, doesn’t mean you have to be rude and rant all day long about a team you supposedly hate/don’t care for & throw out personal insults to people for no reason.

  • Justice4Tkachev

    Listening to Stevo and the pontifications of oiler and leaf fans trash talking each other must be similar to a Chicago Cub fan belittling a San Diego Padre fan.

    Seriously folks non fans of both of these horrid organizations whose owners both made the National Posts top 10 list of worst Canadian sports owners howl with laughter as the fans of these teams swing wildly at each other as they stumble bumble out of a pub inebriated in loosing and loosing and loosing.

  • Justice4Tkachev

    Thanks Steve! I needed this win, if only to get through the next losing streak. James Reimer and Morgan Rielly are still trying. I hugged myself too.

  • Justice4Tkachev

    Looks like the nation staff is onto something here linking comment sections between teams that play.

    It doesn’t seem to matter if it inflames the receiving site, as long as the traffic goes through the roof like this.

    I personally have zero hate for the leafs, and cheer any canadian team including the flames, leafs, and jets. I simply don’t find this guy one bit funny, and wouldn’t find him funny if he was making videos for the oilers.

    As a side note, can oilersnation hire Tom Green to do yelling antic reviews for us? I think we need our own lunatic Douche bag to yell about hockey things that we might find funny.

  • Kanuunankuula

    In my defense I am pretty drunk. The right lobe didn’t tell the left to read that as funny as it was,It is 300 times funnier now and I totally understand what you meant by the way the guy didn’t know how to have breaks in sentences and how proper punctuation escapes him while he tries to make his point about oilers fans while being a leafs fan that is smart and knows lots about stuff.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I agree with the idea of cross-posting the videos and analysis when the Canadian (on the network) teams are playing each other. The only team I can’t abide is the Habs (though, damn they are effective — they just outclassed the Bruins last night), but otherwise, the jawing each other’s fans is pretty funny.

    Though I really don’t know what I would do if I were an Oilers fan. The Leafs have lame excuses, but at least they are excuses. The lesson vis the Oilers is that serial high draft picks is not a recipe for successful rebuilding.