LFR8 – Game 52 – Dix – Tor 3, Nsh 4

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 3.05.08 PM

The Leafs may never win again.

  • Daniel W

    Steve, I’m a HardcoresBruins fan but I love watching your videos. They are funny. Even funnier when the Leafs are losing….all the time. This losing streak has gotten so bad that it got even ME hoping the Leafs win their next game. I hate seeing so many people suffer.

    Donnie B

  • Daniel W

    Steve, I feel like the Leafs are now just a giant Ponzi Scheme. I mean, what else explains it? What else explains it????????

    Think about it!!!


  • Daniel W

    Hey Steve glad you feel the same. This season, well it’s over so let’s just see how many losses the Leafs can accumulate by the end.

    At least that way it can more… memorable? Also maybe and just maybe if the Leafs can lose every remaining game and not get penalized for blatant tanking this team can get McDavid and and I want to dream.

  • Daniel W

    I wanted them to win this game so bad.
    I wanted Reimer in the net when they did it.
    They didn’t do it.

    I can handle tanking but I need one win every nine or ten games. That’s all I ask. I can’t handle this cold turkey.

  • Daniel W

    As a Habs fan, it was fun to watch you freak out when the Leafs were starting their downward sprial this season, but now I honestly feel bad, cheer up Steve, they will “eventually” get better, hopefully =S