What should the Leafs do about Peter Horachek? #mycolumn:

When the Leafs made the terrible decision to fire Randy Carlyle, they followed it up with an even more terrible decision – hiring Peter Horachek.

Now that isn’t just my opinion. It is fact. And while I don’t believe in numbers per se, the numbers in this case suit my argument so I am going to show them to you. 

Since Horachek took over, the Leafs are 1-9-1. That means they have 3 points in 11 games. If you pro-rated that over an 82 game season, that’s 23 points! That’d be the worst season ever. Already, a huge indictment on Horachek.
Okay, but every team goes through a bad stretch or a bad month right? Well how about January 2015 being the worst month in Maple Leafs franchise history? That’s not just a “team having a rough stretch”, that is historically bad. 
That means Horachek is a historically bad coach. There’s no other way to put it.

Bad coach, or baddest coach of all time?

Further, under Carlyle the Leafs were one of the best offensive teams in the league. In the 11 games that Horachek has coached, the Leafs have a total of 14 goals. That’s 1.27 goals per game. Over a full season, that’s 104.14 goals! (I don’t know where the last .86 goal went, but Phil Kessel probably ate it).
Maybe that doesn’t seem bad, but think about this – the Buffalo Sabres (who are a very bad team) have 94 goals through 50 games, which puts them on pace for 154 over a season. So the Leafs under a full Horachek-led season would score 50 less goals than a Sabres team that was BUILT to tank! The numbers don’t lie.
The Leafs are historically bad, and from my vantage point it’s all because of one man. The Leafs need to #FireHorachek. Please retweet. 

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