Monday Mailbag: Super Goal


Last night and this morning, I asked you all if you had any questions – I actually took a few weeks off of the mailbag in hopes that everybody would stop asking about the same three subjects. It worked! But I feel like a few people were disappointed in last night’s results in another sport…

@JoeByce asked: If the Leafs were 2nd and goal with Kessel, would they pass or run with the game the on the line?

The Leafs would call in for a substitution. Ensuring that they can’t get intimidated into losing the offensive zone snap (faceoff), the team sends out Tyler Bozak with suddenly-recalled Frazer McLaren and Colton Orr. Upon winning the draw, Roman Polak and the ghost of Mike Komisarek immediately charge up and cross check two forwards, leading to a double delayed penalty and a breakaway for the other team (McLaren and Orr have decided to fight each other to prove themselves and Bozak has fallen over).

@SpencerG49 asked: Was this James Reimer’s fault?

I imagine that if James Reimer was the one trying to make the interception for New England, it would’ve went right past his gloves. NAILED IT! *Does ice cleaning celebration*

I mean, I’m just doing this mailbag so I won’t get fined.

@SeanFitz_Gerald asked: What’s a Marlie, anyway?

A Marlie is a Marlboro. A Marlboro is a Marlborough. The Toronto Marlies are a homage to the Toronto Marlboros, who were named after the Duke of Marlborough, Charles Spencer-Churchill. This is also why Duke the Dog is named Duke. But I don’t know why he’s a dog. Alliteration, maybe?

@yannickb_1997 asked: Do you think all the focus put on William Nylander is distracting the Toronto Marlies at all?

No way. I don’t think it can be stressed how little focus is put on the Toronto Marlies compared to the Leafs. Nylander is probably getting a quarter of the attention that he would get if he was on the big club, and I don’t think that it’s distracting his teammates. Except for maybe Viktor Loov, who is now answering a bunch of roommate questions as a result. No disrespect to the Marlies, but it would take something insane to get to distraction territory. 

@leaflover43 asked: Who do you think has been the most consistent member of the Leafs this season?

David Booth, in the sense that he’s been consistently injured. Or David Clarkson, in the sense that he’s consistently falling. Or David Bolland, in the sense that he’s consistently not a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs anymore. Or David Nonis, in the sense that he’s consistently not in control of his own destiny anymore.

Probably Mike Santorelli, if we’re being serious. He has his moments of being lights out but for the most part, he just constantly stays at above average, and that’s exactly what the team was hoping for when they signed him.