LGD – Leafs Look to Extend Losing Streak to Nine Games vs. Flyers

There are a lot of questions being asked in the photo above. David Clarkson is asking the referee “Why are you giving me a penalty? Why can’t I sit on this guy?, while Matt Read is asking anyone who will listen “Why is this guy sitting on me? Why are the Leafs so, so bad?”

All of these are fair questions, but perhaps the last one is the easiest to answer. The Leafs have lost eight games in a row, which is just about a tenth of the entire season. A large reason as to why they’ve been so bad is that, in that span, they’ve scored only seven goals and allowed twenty five. 

Toronto is sliding down the standings at an actually impressive rate, and could find themselves 24th in the league if they drop another game tonight and the lowly Ottawa Senators beat the even lowlier Arizona Coyotes this afternoon.

That’s great news for Tank Nation, which might be the new name of this blog if things keep moving in the same direction.

The Leafs

At least this forward group has at least some semblance of NHL talent now that Joffrey Lupul and Peter Holland are back in the lineup – it was looking hilariously thin without them. Scroll down a little more though and, yeah, ouch… That defence. Say what you will about Dion Phaneuf, but love him or hate him, he made this group a lot better.

Lineups courtesy of DailyFaceoff.com

Leafs 1312015

The Flyers

This lineup doesn’t look all that much better, to be completely honest. Philadelphia is a flawed team, at best. That being said, that Claude Giroux-Jakub Voracek duo up front is just plain filthy and can pile on the points at any given moment. Voracek leads the entire league with 58 points, while Giroux is in fourth with 52. Have fun defending that, Korbinian.

Lineups courtesy of DailyFaceoff.com

Flyers 1312015

Starting Goaltenders

What to Watch For

  • Don’t. Just don’t watch. That’s the best advice I could give you.
  • James Reimer in net for the first time in a really long time. Won’t see him again until March, probably.
  • Zac Rinaldo. Oh, wait.

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  • CMpuck

    I think Dion is missed by the writers more than the team right at the moment,the D has played well in his absence.We all talk about a rebuild but on the way to that R-b all we can do is trash talk the kids we are trying to develop and the stars we have on this team know it to so why do more than go through the motions.Let’s face it next year until we see what kind of game Shany and his mngt team has put together and then we will all start to see the Vision right now trade for prospect and picks.Oh by the way What ever Nonis has to say about picks or prospects !!! DON’T!!! I hope this is getting him out of the way tour not let’s pick this guy tour,oh got to go big game this morning dads vs offspring go dads goooo!!! Bye