LFR8 – Game 50 – Vesa’s Revenge – Ari 3, Tor 1

Screen shot 2015-01-30 at 1.24.30 PM

Voodoo. Wizardry. Bulls**t.


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  • CMpuck

    Its really a shame, bernier played solid for 40 minutes and 4 seconds, and was again making the team look good. Not going to beat around the bush here the seasons lost. Start reimer saturday, see which one you are going to keep and trade one by seasons end. Again Berns is a no.1 goalie but he looks like hes too composed sometimes and not focused as this 114ft goal has happened before against Carolina. I still beleive reimer has alot to give.

  • CMpuck

    Perhaps room rebuilding isn’t the way to go. Maybe try your jinx power with some form of hat buying, though that could get pricey if you have to do it for every future opponent. Or better yet, you could shout that phrase involving an activity and a type of water fowl.

  • CMpuck

    It’s the old Ballard curse, Steve.
    Maybe if we sprinkle salt around the ACC to keep his evil spirit away and sacrifice Dave Nonis to the hockey gods…
    Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

    • Jeremy Ian

      Well, the record’s so bad it may well be voodoo stuff.

      I still believe in the science, though. Hanging in there.

      The photo of Steve is dispiriting.

      But here’s something to get angry about: our team is hard against the cap and yet it dwells in the basement rankings. If we just keep things simple, that is an indictment. No way to adulterate that. When the season is over, if Nonis is not fired, I will take a long break from this team.

      And I go way back to those Ballard days, when Wendel Clark’s doctor in the dressing room was Ballard’s Evinrude repairman.

      No más!

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve , Love your videos. Being watching them for years now.

    I’m a Habs fan and I can honestly say whats happening to the Leafs now is “good”. Reminds me of the last time we missed the playoffs in 2012. It allowed a complete change in players and management. It also gave us a high draft pick (Galchenyuk).

    Imagine the leafs drafting in the top 5 this year + trading a bunch of players for draft picks before March 2nd and getting a good coach (maybe Babcock, Peter DeBoer, Dan Bylsma, etc.)

    The Leafs could be battling for playoffs next year and back for some success in no time.

    Anyway, keep up the good job. I wish you guys (Leafs fans)courage, luck and some success. Its about time you get some 🙂