Should the Leafs claim Dylan Olsen?

The Florida Panthers placed 24 year old defenseman Dylan Olsen on waivers today. Olsen, a former Blackhawks first rounder, has played in 44 games this season, putting up 8 points.

On paper, Olsen doesn’t jump out on you – modest point totals and the worst corsi among Florida d-men (48.5%). But he just turned 24, making him 3 years younger than Korbinian Holzer (who turns 27 in a couple of weeks). Holzer, as most of us can agree, should not be on an NHL team. 
Olsen also shoots left, letting him fill a hole that was created with the injury to Dion Phaneuf. And that aforementioned corsi? Well it would be the best on this Leafs D squad. Let that sink in – the worst corsi among Florida defensemen would be the best on the Leafs. I know I know – corsi rel is important to note, but still. 
With all that in consideration, the Leafs should take a look at claiming Olsen. He can chip in some offense, fills a hole on the left side, is young(ish) and at 6’2, 223 is that big defenseman that Toronto loves and craves so much. 

And the best part? He doesn’t wear a visor. So yeah, he’s worth putting in a claim on. 

As for waiver order, James Mirtle has you covered.

I doubt Olsen makes it past Edmonton.

Note from the Editor:

After some confusion on contract numbers, it looks like Leafs would have to make a move anyways if they wanted to make a claim. – J.F.