LFR8 – Game 49 – Seventh Hell – Tor 1, NJ 2 (SO)

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 1.54.42 PM



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  • CMpuck

    Spring cleaning has indeed started a little earlier out here in God’s country with the temperature hitting 18 under the commie system and 65 under the normal system.

    So happy to see you doing some cleaning, moving the furniture around. Now that chair, there is the piece de resistance Stevo. Number 10. Steve that is soooo great of you to honour truly one of our great captains, George the Chief Armstrong who raised the Stanley cup over his head to quote King James, Not once, not twice, not three, but four times in the 1960’s Steverino. Yes, yes I know ancient times but Steve that was when the city of Toronto had an N.H.L. team..

    Now you seem to be more and more exasperated with the leafs. There is the bottle which you have emphasized, there are medications. But there is also the remote. Now shhhhh nobody but you has to know just click that remote Steve and watch the number two team in the Eastern Conference the Toronto Raptors entertain you night after night after night Steve.

    You want to be a winner Steverino, jump on the band wagon and become a Raptor fan.

  • CMpuck

    Here I am donating my valuable time trying to help Steve and the stress he is under and I get three trashes. I’m talking about a true leaf captain who won 4 stanely cups and you people will see this leaf great in the not too distance future as the leaf greats who are still alive from the 1967 team will be introduced with their great captain Chief George Armstrong at the Air Canada Center to celebrate the leafs 50th anniversary of the Canadian centennial Stanley Cup win. Instead of studying Corsi, Fenwick and Airwick spray you should be reading about true leaf winners. Guys who won Stanley cups.

    You people can’t handle the truth.